[Video] How To Transform Your “Nay-Sayers” Your Into Helpers


Yay, I am so glad to be back in moving pictures!Let me share with you today:

3 Ways you must can chose to follow, If you want to turn your “discouragers” into your helpers! 😉


what is your take on what you have just seen/heard? How do you feel when someone discourages you? What strategies do you use to overcome  this resistance? Have you experienced any transformation from nay-sayer into followers or co-leaders? Have you ever been the one who was “nay-sayer” and then you have realized you were wrong or perhaps right?

See you and your thoughts in comments!




  1. Great to see you on video again Ivana. One thing to add to offering people time and patience. I have a quick saying that helps me remember:
    With people, fast is slow and slow is fast (from an old Steven Covey tape).
    If you really want to help someone (client, friend, family etc.) you have to take the time to understand their needs and situation. Once they truly feel understood they are open to your communication. That takes time but it is the fastest way to get to the result of being able to help. If you go too fast and don’t understand their needs then you are offering an answer to something that has not been diagnosed properly and most likely will not help. Thanks Ivana

    • 😉 Hey Scott,
      Thank you for sharing with us great thought!
      Yes, if we don’t take time to understand others and even ourselves, then trying to help them is pretty much an utopia…

  2. Very nice share. I guess most of the times its not people what discourages you but the circumstances, and you explained it well enough. 🙂 Its just our fear that keeps us from pursuing our dreams.

  3. Thanks Ivana for the inspiring video and sharing the knowledge:-)

  4. Absolutely. Wonderfully said. You are getting it right.

    When you feel resistance, you shouldn’t get stuck in your journey because other people thinks you should be doing whatever they think you should. It was never their decision to make. It was only yours.

    • Yay, Seb!
      I somehow feel, that when you pop up and leave a comment, it means that I have done a good job and shipment was insightful enough even for you to comment;-)
      So, you too keep on deciding for yourself and see you around;-)

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