About One 1095 Days Long Transformative Journey

Hiya SCG,

I trust you will spare few minutes to stop yourself  in Christmas presents hunt to read this shipment. It will not be wrap-up of 2010 on #IS, nor list of New Year’s resolutions, nor a Christmas e-card. It will be a story, true story about 3 years long journey of surrendering to the pull of the heart’s calling. Step in!

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One Shot Is What “It’s” All About

Hiya SCG,

inspiration to ship today’s post came from a movie The Deer Hunter, which blew me away. It made me truly think about the words of the main hero Michael (Robert de Niro), when he said: “You have to think about one shot. One shot is what it’s all about. A deer’s gotta be taken with one shot.”

You might be pondering, what is that inspiring in that quote, right? You are not a hunter anyhow, right? Please, allow me to share with you, what “hit” me straight into the core, when watching this must-watch movie.

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[Video] How To Transform Your “Nay-Sayers” Your Into Helpers


Yay, I am so glad to be back in moving pictures!Let me share with you today:

3 Ways you must can chose to follow, If you want to turn your “discouragers” into your helpers! 😉

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You Too Can “Shine A Light”!

Hiya SCG,

I am glad to be back into shipping mode after being on an extra learning ride. Today, I would like to reflect on very valuable lessons from a must watch movie, which blew me away two days ago;

Shine A Light

Movie about legendary rock band The Rolling Stones and their epic – lifelong quest directed by the Martin Scorsese.

So, what can one learn from this at first sight – ordinary movie made  from one rock concert? [Read more…]

[Video] Question Of the Week #30

Hiya SCG,

1st of August is  a very special day for me. Why? Today, it is exactly one year since I have quit my job in Capgemini with this farewell speech. (Gosh, I did not know it was viewed over 14oo times on Youtube).

What were the most amazing things you have done in last 12 months and you are proud of it?

And what did I do in last one year? Here is my answer, which includes 8 kg lighter version of me 😉 LOL [Read more…]

Thank you “universe” for David Horvath

Thanks to Seth Godin’s post >>> today morning I have been blessed with reading one of the most  “super cool” interviews ever. It featured David Horvath in it.  Mind – blowing, breath-taking, down-to-earth story of one’s dream in action.

See David's work here. "Uglydolls"

Let me share with you notes which I have taken:

Taking the same path as some one else did, results in getting close but never where you want to end up.

Ignoring those paths and making up your own route leads you to where you really belong, wherever may it be.

Your thoughts absolutely determines your reality. How you generally feel inside and what thoughts you generally carry in your head is what’s going to keep coming at you. [Read more…]

[Video] Bodyguard for Your Dreams

I have been thinking about recording this video for quite some time. Yesterday, I came across inspirational scene from one of my all times favorite movies Pursuit of Happiness. And today I just felt “right” to shoot following video post.

We all have heard tons about how one should live his/her dream, follow the heart and so on…and yet it is still so though.

Let me share with you my dream come true story with you.

And who knows, it might give you a little push to get closer to your dream. Just spare 5 minutes of your time and watch this.

I am already excited to hear your stories.

Just drop it into comments or shoot me an email if you feel I could help YOU.



P.S.: I have little attention check question for you, today:

Can you tell which is next book on my reading list? 😉

[Video] Taking your passion further

Two days before Christmas I have received following message on Facebook:

Watch the lessons learned from the Skype chat we have had.

Here is little help with spreading the word for my friend:

Ismail’s super cool pics can be viewed on his Flickr account and you can join his Fan Page on Facebook.

[Video] This Is It!

What more to add… Silence is loud.

One week since the first NGLS event it is still hard for me to find words.

The Beginning…

Love lives forever.




The best day of my life – 07/11/2009

Dream came true…

After this life changing moments, I played the song which kept me going :”Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson” and hugged EVERY one of the NGLS-ers. I have just did what I have felt and the emotions of joy and gratitude were just mind-blowing.

No one believed me, but Ron Carucci, Josh Epperson and Jon DeWaal did!
And we have altogether awaken the spirit of the Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia.

Slovakia has bright future!

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