About One 1095 Days Long Transformative Journey

Hiya SCG,

I trust you will spare few minutes to stop yourself  in Christmas presents hunt to read this shipment. It will not be wrap-up of 2010 on #IS, nor list of New Year’s resolutions, nor a Christmas e-card. It will be a story, true story about 3 years long journey of surrendering to the pull of the heart’s calling. Step in!

Today is a very special day for me to remember; it is exactly 3 years (22nd Dec 2007) since I have returned back to Slovakia from 3 years long stay in Dubai. Till now there are still many people knocking on their foreheads, when they realize what a luxurious life I have voluntarily left behind.

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

Yeap, I was dining in the finest five or even seven star hotels. I was buying designer clothes and shoes (aw, shoes… I hope ladies will fully understand this obsession). I owned brand new car. I had a nice studio flat; world class possibilities for entertainment (beach, clubs, concerts, movies etc.) and above of it all, I was able to support my family back home. So, why the heck did I leave?

Something deep inside me, was simply restless and absolutely not happy. I could not name it, I could only experience and feel it. I was having crazy telephone bills, because I was calling home daily for hours. I was 25 years old and I felt that if that is it, what one can do and achieve in life, then it sucks pretty much!

Knowing When To Quit & When to Stick Is Damn Important Skill

In November 2007 I have decided to quit my life in Dubai. I packed my bags, left behind furnished apartment, landed in Vienna with total of 100 kg luggage (don’t ask me how much I  paid as over-weight charges) and I headed to Bratislava; a city, where I did my studies, where my brother lived and studied and where my first Slovak employer resided; date of joining was scheduled on 1 Jan 2008.

The Beginning Is Seeing the  Same World With Different Eyes

After my come back home, I was truly astonished by talent within Slovakia and in the same time, it was hard to see and digest how much possibilities we are missing out to really excel and get in life what we deserve. I wanted to do something about it, I wanted to help somehow.

If You Want to See a Change, Be It! Start It With Yourself

I will not go into details of my consulting career and break-trough events in personal development, because it would end up to be a “book-long blog post”, but instead I will try to capture some of the main changes I have undergone in last 36 months.

* I grew very very close with my parents and brother.

* I started to read and educate myself. (I have read more than 150 books since 2007)

* I got in shape and lost 10 kg (ouch, I was that big!)

* I wrote over 400 blog posts (including Slovak blog posts & my first blog ever & posterous blog with interesting videos)

* I  stopped drinking alcohol & smoking cigars (yeah I did that shi*)

* I built awesomely inspiring community of do-ers online. (yes, it includes YOU!)

* I fell in love with challenges & got addicted to doing stuff people told me are impossible to accomplish.

* I became grateful for small things, which matters.

* I became more patient.

* I created  NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) movement, funded by nothing more but my passion.

* I stopped watching TV.

* I learned to trust my guts and intuition.

* I found out what I love to do, what my passion and art are.

* and I could go on and on…

Do You Remember 10, 000 Hours Rule of Working Your A*& Off?

Malcolm Gladwell has written in his book Outliers, that human beings need 10, 000 hours for mastering a skill or becoming remarkable at something.

Let’s assume, that I spent on average 10 hours a day working (it includes reading, writing, coaching, speaking, running, meeting inspiring people, running NGLS, traveling, writing journal, educating myself – via videos, movies, blogs etc.) towards becoming authentic me -> by today it would make up to 10, 950 hours.

Will You Be Done Then? 

Hell no! One is never done! I feel even more foolish than 3 years ago! I feel like I know nothing and that I need 48 hours long days to learn what I long to know. So, how come people who have not seen me for couple of years cannot stop dropping they jaws, when meeting me? I don’t know, I ask them…

What I know Is..

…that last 3 years were the most trans-formative years of my life. 1095 days of very intensive (often even exhausting) existence; full of miracles and sweat from emotional labor, sprinkled with tears of gratitude and also tears of sadness or despair. 3 years of overcoming own fears and getting things done despite of  “advisers” telling me how stupid & meaningless my actions are going to be.


And I am so, grateful you were and are part of this journey!


if you look back at 3 years younger you, who would you see? What would be a difference between now and then? What did you spend consciously your 10, 000 hours on? What is the reaction of people who have not seen your for 2-3 years, when they meet you?


Stay foolish and keep on marching.

I do and will march on!



  1. Wow that is awe inspiring transformation, I am sure u would inspire a few more to follow a similar path in their lives 😉

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