Question Of the Week #50

Hello SCG,

50th question was inspired by a post on the Facebook page of my friend Derek Sivers, where he posted this link, where online authorities (including SCG-ers: J.D. Meier, Mars Dorian or Seth Godin) were asked this question:

“What’s the most “unrealistic” thing you have accomplished & what have you learned from the process? “


what accomplishments are you proud of? What did you ship even tough, you were told that there is no way for you to accomplish them?

Shout out your stories to the world, now.



  1. Oh Ivka, what a wonderful question:)
    I don’t know if that what I’ll write is something special or unrealistic but for me, in these times, it definatelly was.
    When I was 12 I had a very tough times with my family because of trouble with money…a serious one…
    I don’t know if you can imagine how hard it was, but there were many things which I must make…with my life, with my brother…it’s hard for me to describe it with these right words but I handled it and everything is OK now and I hope that it’s also partly because of my acts and help.
    And what I’ve learned?
    Now, I am really stronger person and I appreciate everything good in my life….

  2. I lately started working as a freelance copywriter and I think the most “unrealistic” thing I’ve done was my first SEO copywriting task. My boss gave me a document with 12 keywords (about stuff I knew nothing about) and told me to write 15 unique normative pages (1 normative page = 1 800 characters, so 15 np = 27 000 ch). I was supposed to do that just using my creativity and I had one week to do it.

    I was thinking “oh my god, he totally comes from Utopia or something.” For one whole week I was telling myself I can’t make it because I’m just not that good at writing and, of course, I was doing absolutely nothing about the task, just procrastinating and being stupid.

    At the end of the week I was thinking of writing him an e-mail I was quitting, although I opened Google Docs and I just started typing to see what happens.

    I had it done in 4 hours and I was like “gosh, this was easy.”

    I know it’s not a big thing, but it really made my day. Paulo Coelho once said: “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in your heart.” After all this, I’d change it to: “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in your heart, your mind AND your actions.”

    • Peter Csík says:

      Hi Franz,

      I like this part of one of your sentence: “…I just started typing to see what happens.” It seems to be a good aproach. I mean just to start doing something and see what will happen = observe it step by step. It is not a theory because your example shows it is real.

      “Observe, what happens”. It is so easy! 🙂

      Thanks, Franz!

    • @Franz ,
      I am totally grateful, that you have taken time to write about your accomplishment story! Those “small” acts of courage, when we simply act despite our fears are things which in long run gonna create huge impact.
      It is awesome that in such early age, you are aware of the mindset, which enables you to get things done. You are on a great path, Franz!

      yeah, working without doing is a great way how to surrender to the flow. Thanks for underlying its importance.


  3. Thanks for question Ivana. It one of those that I have to give a bit more thinking into…

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