Mistakes Are Your Chance to Shine Out Others!


I would like to share with you a story, which will support thought-provoking title above: “Mistakes are your chance to shine out others.”Huh? How come?, you might be asking. Here is a “mistake story”: One week ago, Michael Hyatt kept his word and package with book by Super Cool Gang-er Anne Jackson reached snowy Poprad. Reason, why all of that happened was because I have left comment on Mike’s blog post with a reason why I would like to read Anne’s book. Mike has picked 100 people with the most convincing why. (So after all, Simon Sinek is right, starting with why pays off) So, happy as I was to find package with the Anne’s newest book Permission to speak freely in my room. I was even more astonished today morning.

Another parcel with Anne’s book and following letter was in the envelope:

How super cool is that?

“Shippers” – doers understand & encourage frequent failing.

Yes, those who do stuff, who are creating & shipping innovative ideas are destined to make mistakes along the way, because what they do is original- unseen- mind-stretching art.  Unless you do a mediocre – safe- boring work, which is routine, you know that failures are part of the shipping process.

Fail, stand up, dust off yourself & grab an opportunity to surprise world with your art again. Strike!

Mike Hyatt and his team member Lindsey Nobles made our interaction truly memorable and inspired me write this blog post and to sneeze about about their smart-human like act of kindness & care. Now, I have a warm feeling within, that there are more people out there who care and walk their talk + I have one extra copy of Anne’s book. (see P.S.: to find out more about how you can enjoy it, too)

Let me conclude this shipment with a cartoon by SCG-er

Hugh MacLeod, which says it all:

Guys, subscribe to Hugh’s newsletter and get inspired by his awesome cartoons.


do you fail often? Are you looking at your mistakes as miserable event, which happened to “poor you” or are you taking it as a chance to improve-learn? Have you ever created something even more mind-blowing than original idea only once you have failed?


Over and over again, my dear artists.


P.S.: you can also tell me in comments why would you like to read Anne’s book & I will ship you  extra copy I have as Xmas gift from #IS 😉


  1. Hi Ivana!

    Nice article. To your question, yes i fail often. In past year i failed so many times that i can consider that number as countless, but i have learned that we should look at failures like on new opportunities. I have one great quote which i am using every time when i fail.
    ” V blizkosti chyb rastu vysledky” if someone know this one please update us with original version.


    • Hey Adam.
      fist of all: Thank you so much for your 1st comment on #IS!;-)
      You have a great attitude towards failing, indeed!
      Quote, which you have made could be translated into English as: “Close to mistakes, results grow”, but this is just my translation;-)
      If anyone know for it a better English idiom, share it with us;-)

  2. One of the mantras I use at work is “lead with your why.”

    People like to make meaning. “Why” is a simple way to make and share meaning.

    I like Simon’s work (I learned through one of his disciples).

    I also learned a surprise in one of my leadership trainings: Starting with your why isn’t selfish. It’s an important way to inspire others. If you aren’t fired up, why should they be? So leading with your why helps others see why the journey just might be worth it.


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