“Start with WHY” – Simon Sinek

Hey SCG,

thanks for bearing with my limited online presence this week, due my 5 days stay in the capital of Slovakia – in Bratislava.

Why did I traveled 350 km by car from my hometown to Bratislava?

I have attended Social Business Tour to meet more like minded people, who care and truly ACT not just talk. It was hilarious experience.

The most important take away from this event was that, there are plenty of people in this world WHO KNOW WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO.

They know their WHY.

More on importance of WHY is explained in this breath-taking, sincere and energy busted TED talk by Simon Sinek, author of the book Start With Why.

Watch Simon rocking on the stage bellow or here!

So? Do you know what is your WHY? 😉 Share it with us in comments.

Till then, have a super cool weekend, guys.




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  1. trothle says:

    I do, what I do, because I want to see the world as a better place to live and I want to take part of that change. Because I don’t want to be one, who is sipping ugly words, sitting in a pub, drinking beer. I want to be the one, drinking chapaine, a making tick next to one of my goals.
    I want to change people, change their minds, change the way they are thinking. A want them to unlock their inner potential and allow them to do what they love to do. Show them that there is also another way.
    But most of all, I want to do what I love, with the person who I love. Have fun. And when my last day come, I will say, hell yeah, that was crazy, I want one more ride. And if somebody else look at my path, I want them to see change, to see inspiration. I want to leave here, on earth, something.

  2. Awesome speech – left me almost breathless.
    You should check out his blog, Ivana, this guy will be the NEW Seth Godin 😉

  3. Hi Ivana,
    great post! and good reference!
    He has a point.
    I like that model.
    I love to see more people using their talent to teach other people that they also can have a purpose.
    @trothle that sounds like a plan man!


    • Hi Seb,
      thanks. Yeah, it is pretty simple and meaningful concept.
      Inspiring others to be inspiring is truly a mission worth to live for;-)
      @trothle: as i have said before i was totally blown away by his words. hats off;-) i hope i will be able to meet him in person soon, as i have found out he lives 25km away from my hometown;-)
      keep on rocking Seb!;-)

  4. Salam Ivana.
    Why? Only answer is to bring positive change in myself and generate it to others.In which Society I am living its not a easy job, Because here mostly people talk about everything without knowing posing all knowing and sometimes they suppose their knowing is far ahead than humanity. But yes its not impossible to achieve the target :). So I am going ahead with energy generating from you people.
    @ Trothle explained every person here at SCG :).
    Have a great time.

    • Hi SCG Queen;-)
      I am so glad to read your comment! Yes, it ain’t easy job, but as you said, you are starting with yourself and eventually you will inspire others around you.

      Yes, Trothle or Peter (his real name) has certainly nailed it with his comment!

  5. kathysue dorey pohrte says:

    this was an incredible speech. thank you so much for sharing 🙂


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