Question Of The Week #19

Dear Super Cool Gang “SCG”!


Let us give a thought to the following, already 19th Question Of The Week (#QOW)

What problems do you solve for people* in your life?

* for your clients, colleagues, readers, friends, family, students…

“Type out” your special gifts, skills or super cool power, which you possess and serve with, to this world. What are you known for?

I cannot wait to read your comments!

Last week’s QOW#18 brought in truly awesome interactions. I believe we will not be left behind this week, as well. So, get your fingers and minds ready.






Re-post, re-tweet, tell about our engaging discussion to your problem solving friends, colleagues or family members. We are curious what is their unique talent, too;-) Stay tuned and subscribe via email or RSS feeds.



  1. Zuzana says:

    nice one:)

    usually my family & friends seek an advice on how to go on with their life, relationships and career, as I am always trying to be optimistic:) what I love the most is, when some of these people achieve their goals, or decide & actually DO things, which move them forward. BUT I have to tell, a DIALOGUE between them & me always takes place – it is a brilliant way to help people fin out the answers to their questions THEMSELVES:) the only thing left for me to do, is to be happy for them. And though it may sound like I am bigheaded & self-important, I have to note, I am always right.. (which is not always cool, as being right includes also negative predictions) ;|

  2. Salam Ivana!
    Indeed very good Question.What Problem do I solve, well mostly I like to encourage people when they lose hope.But I tried to provide every possible help to needy one.I never hesitate to solve problems of my Siblings and Friends.
    One thing I would like to say, I do not like people who always pose that they are in problem like some people always use to do complain of less resources, more desires, lack of trust and lack of action etc. At these moments usually i tried to convince but they just love to do complaints :(.
    So its effect little on them.
    Anyhow Have a good Time :).

    • Hi Sid,
      thank you for your contribution. Yeah, I can lively view the moments with negative people. I would suggest that you do not invest much time in those who are constantly complaining. Rather focus on those who seek you out and you can see their interest and curiosity. You cannot help those who does not want to be helped;-)
      Have a great week ahead my friend.

  3. Hi Ivana,

    Great question!
    I find myself fulfilled in helping others come to realizations so that they can find the best solutions for themselves. Everyone has a unique gift, or two, or three, or more 😉 Helping others to unlock their gifts to share with the world reminds me of this quote, “As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s grace.”

    Your post of Jake’s performance evoked such joy in me. It was a wonderful example of what it means to tap into your gifts, to share with one another, and to lift each others spirits. This is what I work to do for aspiring creative artists, for clients I have had, and for those in my life.

    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Dear Kim,

      it was truly uplifting to read your comment today morning. Ideal way to start a day and a week! Thank YOU!
      I am totally with you on everything you have said and I guess it is my “core competence” as well. Unleashing talents in people, inspiring them to lead life in which they do what they love.

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