Kitchen Table Talk From (Not So Distant) Future

Dear SCG,

today I had a muse to create following (Non)Fiction piece.

Is it just mere fantasy or possible scenario?

Judge yourself & have FUN! 😉

Date: 22nd February 2022, somewhere on planet Earth

Mum Emily (37 years old) is preparing afternoon snack for her family, when her son Jason (12 years old) walks into the kitchen and dialogue will kick off. Let us hear it out;-)

Emily: Hey, Jason. What is up? How was your school today?

Jason: Hi Mum! Aww, it was OK. Our broadband got sloppy during physics class, so our joined lecture with South African school got shorter by 30 minutes.

Emily: They should really fix it in your school, I have seen the stream on Twitter last night, with many complaints by parents to school’s principal about this issue. He was acting like all the tweets are invisible again…

Jason: Mum, I want to ask you for something…<cough>

Emily: Sure, Jason. What is it?

Jason: Could you do me a favor? <pause and deep breath in by Jason>

Jason: Mum, could you remove ALL my pictures from your Facebook page. Especially those, when I was just born infant? It is pretty embarrassing to be seen naked when you were documenting my first bath. PLEASE, delete those pictures!

Emily: Aaaw, <blushing> I have never thought of that this way…

Jason: Seriously Mum, it is pretty weird and most of my classmates already told their parents to do so,too.

Emily: All right I will put it down, if you wish so darling.

Jason: Mum, and there is another thing….Ehm, could you stop flooding my Facebook wall with your well wishes for my day? Those are still bearable…

But the worst thing is when you write a wall post stating what you are cooking for dinner or that you have ironed my favorite pj’s. It ain’t appropriate for everyone to see it. Send me a message instead. Please!

Emily: Wow, I am so sorry Jason. Yes, you are right. Thank you for telling me.

Emily: Is there anything else, I should know about, Jason?

Jason: Yes…<long pause> Mum, do you remember that girl, Sally?

Emily: Yes, I do! She has posted her video on Youtube singing with dedication for your birthday, right?

Jason: YEAH! Exactly.She is the ONE!

Emily: So, what is the matter?

Jason: I don’t know what to think, because she has inserted note into Jack’s Kindle, in the Literature folder with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet…

Emily: What was the note about? Why did she use Jack’s Kindle? Did she forget her own at home?

Jason: Yes, she did! She often does.

Emily: Gosh, I don’t understand these kids! When I was going to school we were bending to the ground with tons of books in our backpacks. Now, you have to carry just one Kindle, where you can store all your school materials and you forget it at home…Aaaw, this youth…They don’t appreciate what they have. < mumbled Emily for herself>

Jason: Mum, do you want to hear what was the note about or you will carry on your usual monologue about how great possibilities we have, you did not have when you were a kid!?

Emily: Sorry, sweetheart. Tell me, what did she type in Jack’s Kindle?

Jason: Let me read it out for you, I copied it to my cell phone: “Hi Romeo. Follow my tweets today afternoon. I will check in via FourSquare to a special location and will wait for you there for 30 minutes. Your Julia.”

Emily: Aaaw, looks like she is proposing a date to Jack.

Jason: <sigh> Oh, no. I thought so.  <sigh> Life is tough and love even tougher…

He grabbed freshly made salad prepared by Mum from vegetables from a local gardens and went upstairs to his room to heal his broken heart.

Emily went to her iPad screen built in to the kitchen wall. She logged in to her Facebook account and with tears in her eyes, she has started to delete those pictures she was so proud of to share with the world 12 years ago.

Life is a change and no one can stop this evolution, she thought.

The End.


Did you like this short story? Do you think more people would find it interesting? Spread the word. Tweet it out or share on your Facebook walls, I will not mind it at all;-)



  1. Hi Ivana
    Lol :), Have you written all? Great :). You know I am feeling many things of the story will happen within 2 or 3 years.Well its a possible scenario :).

    • Sure, I have written it all. I have discovered this kind of passion for writing in me many years back;-) I am glad you liked it and that you are smiling.
      HUGS, Sid!

  2. trothle says:

    I think this is already happening 🙂 Not like everybody, everywhere but it started.

    And I think that future in in small, autonomic social networks. Like Facebook in Facebook. Privacy setting will change and you will be able to choose to which group are you posting whatever you like.

    I also think that in terms of privacy, that would be consider as normal to have that kind of pics online or that kind of information. But still, parents will be aware of not posting stuff like “loundry fail” and similar because they children can too. (example my mom is dad is driving like a maniac, ignoring signs and limits) And I see a more government spionage in those networks.

    • LOL @ your mum and dad interactions;-)

      sure social networks are very good source for monitoring of all kinds, including governments, but I have decided long time ago that I have nothing to hide and being transparent and trustworthy is essential asset for me.

      • trothle says:

        I screwed it 😀 there should be mom/dad. In case your mom= your dad, there is no need for loundry fail. I have nothing against it, but most people do.

        I also don’t consider most of my information as something to hide, but I can say, if some of my conversation/information I know would leak, there would be consequences for me

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