Question of the Week #20


this week’s quest for your opinions was inspired by Scott Gould who is running hilarious Like Minds movement. Scott has asked his readers an interesting question. I liked Scott’s question a lot and I believe, that our “SCG”- Super Cool Gang can help Scott with his research as well. Question is:

What have you bought, because of social media?

I am soooo, curious.

Share your experiences, with the world.


Kitchen Table Talk From (Not So Distant) Future

Dear SCG,

today I had a muse to create following (Non)Fiction piece.

Is it just mere fantasy or possible scenario?

Judge yourself & have FUN! 😉

Date: 22nd February 2022, somewhere on planet Earth

Mum Emily (37 years old) is preparing afternoon snack for her family, when her son Jason (12 years old) walks into the kitchen and dialogue will kick off. Let us hear it out;-)

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[Video] In Sučany: After “shipping” another gift for Slovakia

Hi Super Cool Gang

greetings from Sučany tiny village in the north of central Slovakia, cca80 minutes drive from my hometown Poprad.

What did I do there?

Sučany is known for its bilingual Slovak – English Secondary School which is famous all over the country. I was invited to speak to students by founder of Sučany Alumni, my dear friend and “hard core” NGLS supporter Tom Jacko.

You can check out stream of pictures, HERE.

What are your thoughts on slide-deck?



P. S. :  I was missing you SCG!

[Video] To SEO or not to SEO? ;-)

To Be or Not to Be?

Hi Super Cool Gang,

first shipping of the Spring 2010 is here.  Thoughts on SEO and how I perceive SEO2.0 (= SEO of the future) is just click away. Enjoy.

Please,  pin in your thoughts to comments, too! 😉

[Video] Are You Polite2.0?

Hey guys,

I was having urge to compose blog post on social media manners and etiquette for couple of months.

So, here are my thoughts on how you can enhance your experience when connecting with “strangers” =>who I consider as friends which I have not met yet.

Stay super cool!



Fantasy or Future?

Kindle book with working hyper links. Future or fantasy?

Previous post on reading made me wonder, how super cool would that be, if :

Kindle e-books would include in the text working hyperlinks, which would take you straight to the website, wiki, blog, Youtube video or MP3 tune  after clicking on it in the text of the book itself. [Read more…]

[Video] Taking your passion further

Two days before Christmas I have received following message on Facebook:

Watch the lessons learned from the Skype chat we have had.

Here is little help with spreading the word for my friend:

Ismail’s super cool pics can be viewed on his Flickr account and you can join his Fan Page on Facebook.

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