Question of the Week #20


this week’s quest for your opinions was inspired by Scott Gould who is running hilarious Like Minds movement. Scott has asked his readers an interesting question. I liked Scott’s question a lot and I believe, that our “SCG”- Super Cool Gang can help Scott with his research as well. Question is:

What have you bought, because of social media?

I am soooo, curious.

Share your experiences, with the world.



  1. Promoted by social media, I once bought a home study course by an expert teaching how to sell using social media. Lots and lots of advice. Much of it turned out to be impractical. Didn’t mention the limitations. Oh, those limitations! And some of their advice has since been replaced by better advice from others.

    To me, the most useful business aspect of social media is to learn about people who are potential partners, affiliates or clients. One can then engage them using more traditional (non-social media) contacts to explore these possibilities. But selling using social media, while possible, seems to require a perfect storm of dozens of initiatives, well-executed. Things most people would never actually do.

    • Hey Denny,
      great to see you here;-) Thank u for sharing your experiences with social media. I am curious if that online course was recommended to you by individual you knew or just via random social media stream? If by a person, did it affect your future interactions, then?

      I agree that meeting interesting people via social media is terribly useful, and as you have said that then you can engage with these new contacts in non-social media way.
      For me personally once I interact with people who I “click” with online, I trust them and I let them to recommend me: which book to read (thanks for Carlos Castaneda recommendation, Denny!), which movie to watch, which gadget to buy etc.
      I am so grateful that SCG = community are people who walk they talk;-)
      Have a wonderful Sunday, Denny.

  2. My business partner was on someone’s list who was a JV partner to a launch for this guy, so we saw a lot of the promo stuff and decided to try it.

    By the way, I like how your blog has evolved! I visit regularly…

    You da gal…

    • I see!
      Well in my case I do trust only people who “I know” = at least couple of online interactions must be prior to stating that “I know them”.

      Thank you being present, here Denny!

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