Question Of the Week #41


here we are back with Question Of the Week after one week pause,yay.  Let us get back on #QOW track now:

What do you love the most about the future?

I will see you in comments.





  1. Excellent question, Ivi! So, what do I love the most about future? Everything!

    – it`s unpredictable, however still in YOUR hands
    – it`s mysterious, however bright and shiny in your dreams
    – it`s OUR building block for the future generations
    – you can shape it!


    • Excellent reply Zuzi! Loving your spirit!

      • Oh, I have to add one more thing. The future has the ability to surprise you!

        Want an example? Yesterday I had no idea there will be so many people excited by the future as I am. Today, I woke up & found pretty big number of comments, each of them unique, each of them based on feelings & beliefs, which truly is one of the best morning “alarm clocks” I`ve ever experienced;)

      • Yay, what a great compliment, that #IS is website you start your online day with!;-)

    • Peter Csík says:

      Hi Zuzana and all of you,

      only one question: When does the future begin? – in one hour, on December 14, 2015, in one second…?

      • I believe that all we are experiencing now is future!
        Let’s take Sun light for instance. What we see as sunrise here with our eyes and light coming from Sun, is what has happened 8 minutes ago. That is how long it takes for light to travel from Sun to Earth.
        That is why I believe that future is here and now and that only moment guaranteed is NOW.
        Happy NOW to all of you, do something what matters and do it with LOVE!

      • Peter, do we really need to define things? especially those, which are pretty hard/useless to define? do we need to set the borders for everything?

        We need to stop thinking with limitations, we need to realize things are not black&white, we need to accept that there are some things we can influence and some that we can`t, we need to open our minds & souls and above everything we need to stop asking questions which can be answered Yes or No.

      • Zuzi, I like your firm point of view on how everything is so intangible! The only certain thing is that nothing is certain and more we open up to possibilities of our creative source less reasoning we will need.

      • Peter Csík says:

        Hi Zuzana,

        yes I agree with you about “not to define everything”. But honestly I do know why, I am not OK with many ideas published in this blog. I mean there are many many words, but I do not feel any experience. …or could you show me people who are saying: “I live my life fully, only according to me and I am not depend on it”. I just read: “you need”, “you have to”, “do not”, “do”… It is too much for me. This is my opinion now, at 11.08pm.

      • Peter, this blog is not about TELLING you what to do. Honestly, Ivana has done a bunch of things, inspired plenty of people and that is exactly what we love – being inspired. Well, guess that’s also how the blog is named – Inspiring Shipments, isn’t it? 😉

        It’s about the process WITHIN you. It’s about if you start asking yourself questions instead of trying to find the pre-defined answers.

        And – if you’d like to see what true actions Ivana & the other people inspired me to DO, feel free to contact me:)

      • Peter Csík says:

        Hello Zuzana,

        I want to see…

  2. Hi Ivana,
    It is full of surprises, uncertain,unpredictable.These things make it more exciting even though bit depressing and challenging.
    HUG dear :-).

  3. Peter Hanula says:

    Future is uncertain and unpredictable that gives me internal drive to do my best here and now. Tomorrow is maybe too late, maybe I will be dead.
    I can create it, change it. That allows me to invest big loads of energy, time and money to uncertain things. Risk a bit, ok risk a lot.
    Future for me means, I have to look in the mirror tomorrow. What do I want to see there. Do I want to see there a guy who quit on what he loved? Do I want to see quitter wasting his time? Someone who is dishonest? Somebody who did not his best? Someone who quit because things got hard?
    Future gives me drive, hope, future tell me what to do now and make me to do my best.

  4. Jakub Demacek says:

    I love that future will be better in long term in many ways despite many falls that lie ahead. That’s why I am never down and never give up because every good matters.

  5. I’m a fan of hope and opportunity, and the future is my main supplier.

  6. Oh my, this reminds me the very famous and omnipotent question “If you woke up tomorrow, and a miracle happened so that you no longer easily lost your temper, what would you see differently?” What would the first signs be that the miracle occurred?”
    used by Insoo Kim Berg a few decades ago for the first time. And ever since, this question has been used zillion times to help. Even books have been written on this question. 🙂

    So Ivana, a well chosen question if you asked me. I think, the best think about the future is that we can shape it. I guess, one falls in love with the future the very moment he recognizes it is not that much unpredictible after all.

    But to be stuck in the future is the same thing as to be stuck in the past. A vision, oh, yes. To know what you aim for, yes, absolutely. But first and foremost, you recognize positive deviances of the present. And you recognize them very well and shape them. One after another. That is the way how to make the future better for you.

    Well, this is just my opinion. It does not need to be that way neccesseraly 🙂


    • Oh my,
      what a wonderful comment Peto! Thank you for sharing such powerful insights with us, in your first comment ever on #IS! 😉
      Thanks for reminding us to act, here and now!

  7. I love that the future is opportunity. We are living in an amazing time. It’s all within our grasp and all we have to do is live it.

    Great question.

  8. Marek Lutz says:

    Hi all 🙂
    One thing I love about the future is that it is going to come no matter what you do. I mean, there are many things people found the way to rule over, but not the time. We are just flowing in the river of time, which is given to us, and the only things we can change is the physical and spiritual state of us and all the things around us, but not the fact, that the time has come.
    This future aspect gives you always hope, trust in option to change and also urge to do something NOW, because later it might be too late.

    Btw – great question Ivana for me, I am happy I read it just today, just now, cause it brings me right to the place I need to be 🙂


    • Marek,
      I am so pleased to see your thoughts flowing out of you so spontaneously! You are total turn around of attitude, which I have been able to witness with my own eyes! Loving your attitude and spirit and everything and I cannot wait to do great things together, which will make huge difference!
      P.S.: Once you will start to trust yourself and trust the process of life, you will realize that everything will come in the “right time” when you will need it,
      don’t push it just have faith. Zen people would call it: working without doing!

  9. Tomas Kuracina says:

    nice question indeed 🙂 What I love about the future is, that I know I am the creator of it. This is unfortunately bad news for many people who don’t have clarity in their lives. Because if they don’t know what they want, if they are not clear about it, that is what they are creating – life that is just a series of random events, situations, life that is controlled by external circumstances.

    So, it is very important to have clear about what you want to achieve, and then just live in the most important moment of our life – PRESENT. It is the precious gift that we’ve been given, that’s why it is called the present 😉 The moment that matters the most is NOW. If we act upon things we want, NOW, the future will take care of itself and it will be exactly as we wanted it. Isn’t that cool? 🙂

  10. Good question. Quite honestly, I’m ambivalent about the future. It’s like asking me if I look forward to change. My response is that it depends on what that change is. No one knows what the future in our lives will bring. There are things we can control, and there are things we cannot. You could be hit by a bus, or lose your health or even your sanity. (Things I would not look forward to.) Or, you could win the lottery, find the love of your life, get into a fulfilling career.
    Either way, I agree with Tomas in that all we can do is take care to live the best life in the present.

  11. This question is a tall order, Ivana – but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from you! 😉
    Since I love suprises and also good stories, I’d have to say what I love most about the future is the mystery of it. I enjoy dreaming and I’m an eternal optimist, so I’d also have to say that the future is exciting because it allows the continuation of hope and endless possibility.

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