Read Only If You Care About Inspiring Shipments + [Video]


thank you for your patience! I trust your waiting will be rewarded. Following slides are for YOU! This is the best way how I could express how much your presence means to me:

Only once you went through slide-deck, watch video bellow.

Not before!

SCG, this is a first time, when I am asking you to follow any rules, so please bear with me:-)

1. Go through slide-deck

2. Watch video bellow – or click on its link at the end of the slide-deck

Why should you follow this order?

Because I want you to fully experience “September Issue”  experience.

<high five on that>

Great, thanks for going through slides, first.

Now it is time to hear out my live message to you.

SCG, this is was emotionally toughest video blog post I have ever shipped or literally labored through…

I have never thought I will do such public call for contribution, but I have reached a state when I need your help.

If you decide to donate (please use button on the side-bar of the blog) you will have privileged treatment and exclusive access  to a shipment, which I am working on and which should be released during Q1 of 2011.

Guys, I would not be able to make it alone till now,


I cannot march on without you either.

Stick around!

I will, I promise!

Thank you for everything!




  1. A simply beautiful video.
    Not much more I need to say.


  2. Awesome stuff indeed! 🙂

  3. Thank you for all you do Ivana.

  4. Dear Ivana,

    Happy Birthday to ya,
    Happy Birthday to ya… 🙂

    All the members of SUPER COOL GANG loves you and your creative blog/world….. 🙂

    We all thank you that you decided to change the world through blog…..

    We all are with you…..

    And Ivana you are one of my inspiration and your innovative posts force me to read your blog… For that I just want to mention a quote,

    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

    Your post take my breath away….

    You know first time I met u on twitter… I mean to say “I FOLLOW THE RIVER”…. and after that i came to know about your blog INSPIRING SHIPMENT… and that’s some thing like “I FOUND THE SEA”… Like that french quote(in English translation) says,

    “Follow the river and you will find the sea”… I want to give credit to twitter which provides us to interact with the ppl like you……

    I have no words how I explain your blog and your efforts…..

    Hats off to you and I promise I’ll promote Inspiring Shipment as much as i can….

    I can see the passion and light in your eyes…. Which have ability to change the world…

    At the end I want to say that you’ll find me with you at every situation being a fan of inspiring shipment…..

    You and all the Super Cool Gang rocks… 🙂

    Keep smiling… 🙂


    • Salam Israr,
      thank you so much for your wishes. Even tough you are relatively new to SCG, I really can feel your enthusiasm and passion.
      I value your presence a lot and I believe this is only a beginning of our growth as people and growth of SCG as community, which cares.

  5. Ivana, you’ve done it again like always. You really painted what is in your heart. No words to say thanks for all the Inspiring Shipments.

    We’re here to support IS in all the way we can, although non of us can pay back for what you do for our lives.

    You might call i, a jobless lady, but near future is even more wonderful my friend. Great to meet with new SC-Gers and yeah there are many now from India & Pakistan too.

    We are honored such great person Leading us all the way!!!!

    • It is my honor to be Chief Movement Officer for you, guys…Thank you for being around my dear Waqas. I am grateful for the day when we have coincidentally connected – via “Google ambassadors scam”
      I always believe that everything happens for a reason, so meeting you was the reason;-)
      Thank YOU for everything.

  6. Amazing.
    Happy birthday to dear blog. May you live with me in all my life.Really in love with you ;).
    Ivana You always give us generously. We are always here to stand with you.I am totally agree with waqas that non of us can pay you back.
    Thanks for remembering.
    HUG ;-).

    • HUG, my dear Sidra.
      I cannot wait to meet you in person, one day. Till then, we will carry on collaborating online, I am sure we can come up with plenty ideas and transform them into actions, so we can add our bits for making this world a better and caring place.

  7. Ivana I just love your video 🙂 I am here just about one week, but it didn’t take me much time to decide that I will help you the way you asked. It’s a little number, but I am glad that I have donated the first money ever that I have made online 🙂

    Happy birthday #IS

    P.S. Only today when watching your presentation I have realized that the name of your blog is also your initials, which I believe is not by accident 🙂

    • how come I never realized this? thanks tomas! 🙂

    • Tom,
      you cannot imagine – how much your action and decision to donate means for me.
      I am looking fwd to meet you in person, next week when I will be in BA.
      P.S.: yeah, I know it corresponds with my initials, it was nice coincidence-indeed. it was not intended, it just turned out to be that way. more over IS = the only verb which means that the main condition for our existence = to BE is fulfilled.

  8. Vishal Devgon says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! thats Super Cool SCG turns out to be 1 year and IS has a been a fabulous blog all through.
    Loved this blog totally and have been inspired by all these shipments and words shared with you .

    You are a wonderful person and the best is yet to come.

    Happy birthday IS 🙂

  9. Hello my friend,
    I’m glad to be back on such a momentous occasaion! Happy birthday! Your videos are always so beautiful and inspiring because it’s obvious the words come from your heart. Such a moving tribute to your readers. I’m happy to lend my support and I look forward to many more years of your wonderful shipments. Thank YOU!

    • Thank you my dear Tisha,
      and yes it is great timing to be back!;-)
      I do also follow what you ship and I hope that one day I will give you real hug, when I will be able to visit you in NYC;-)
      Till then, let us ship;-)

  10. Yes, we care! I admire your courage and devotion!

    • Is there any other way, how to march through life? courage, passion, devotion is what makes us human.
      I am looking fwd to share the stage with you on AIESEC’s national conference, Marek. See you in 3 weeks.


    Life is hard, real hard, incredibly hard… You fail more often then you win … No body is handing you anything… Its up to you to stretch your neck and overcome all the difficult…..

    Thats how winners are made….

    So come on get out on top ,Run faster, Dream bigger,live better than you ever have before, This is in you, YOU CAN DO THIS,DO IT FOR YOURSELF,PROVE IT TO YOURSELF….


  12. (It’s Blog’s Birthday, So I better be talking to him directly here)

    Hello Mr. Blog!
    Yayy! It’s been a year. There are no words to match my gratitude, however much like Shakespeare I might write. Above all else, you’ve shaped my attitude, nurturing me with discipline and light. Knowledge is the least of what you taught, yet that least at least prepared my head. Out of your heart I’ve learned the things I ought, underscoring words you never said. With this how can I forget one Super Cool friend who has always been an inspiration and a true teacher! Hey Mr. Blog, tell you what you are so lucky 😉

    Live Long!
    M. ZunNurain

    • Hiay Zun,
      this was really poetic comment – as all you do, in a very artistic way.
      Thank for being first person ever who have commented on #IS – you were in the beginning and I believe we will stand shoulder to shoulder, when we will hit it big;-)
      May the Force be with you, young skywalker;-)

  13. Have you done the best that you can do … that’s a great question to drive from.

    • 😉 indeed, I did and I have enjoyed the process as the outcome is beyond my control. would I do it again? yes. will I carry on? yes.
      so, see you around J.D.!
      and congrats for having your book in print! yay!

  14. Again, I sit at the keyboard…. speechless 😉 ….You have given birth to SCG, NGLS, IS…!!! Awesome & Fantastic Ivana!!! (AFI) 😉 1

  15. Great stuff indeed! I wish you best for your future. 🙂

  16. Congratulations Ivana! I think your blog is amazing and it is even more amazing that you found your way in this world. I am in the middle of it at the moment and trying to find out what ‘my way’ is. My Life Purpose so to say. I’ve put a link to your blog on mine. Read up on mine if you want to :).
    Cheers, Paulien

    • Hey Paulie!
      Welcome to #IS and welcome to SCG!;-)
      Thanks for your 1st comment and I am happy you like what you see;-)
      I would be more than glad to inspire you to find your purpose, your own art you want to “ship” to the world.
      I will certainly have a look at your shipments, young lady!;-)

  17. Hey Ivana:-)
    Happy birthday to our dear beloved blog!!!!!!
    it is said that a persons character may be learned from the adjectives which he/she habitually uses in conversation, and when i read your shipments-one cannot fail to notice the positive words and energy that spur all the readers to go the extra mile in whatever field we are in and in totality those very words define YOU!!
    Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.
    I celebrate you and want to let you know that you have my support.
    keep on keeping on:-)

    • Joseph,
      I really care that you care!
      Let’s paint our future together;-)
      SCG has great potential for synergy and ideas, which can have huge impact.
      I am totally confident on that one;-)
      Are you game? I am;-)

  18. you are a dear.
    i’m so glad i got to hear your message.
    bravo sweet.
    carry on.

  19. Hi Ivana,
    what I’ve just realized wathing the video and reading all the stuff, is that the essence of whole inspiration (for me) is not really the posts, videos…. (I am not saying they are meaningless!!!!) but the way YOU live, act and fulfill your dream. So hang in there, keep changing, posting, inspiring…. wish you a lot of energy, joy, passion and bunch of people who really care. And of course THANK YOU.

    • Thank you Peto.
      I really want to reach to a state one day, when there will be no need for blogs or videos to express who I am…that my life itself will be my message I want to leave in this world…

  20. Mira Durnekova says:

    I understand very well what you mean by your former “Posh” job. I personally do not mind all the Posh aspects but I also hate all that kind of pretending. Hence I admire you decided to stop to start something new, uncertain, without money temptation, but creative and SINCERE above all. Unfortunately I do not have talent for writing (maybe just the procedures ? 🙂 like you so I can not express accurately all my appreciation your “shipping of art” (yes, I have alredy read the latest post 🙂 This is my humble way how I want to express my respect to you! It would be great to see the person like you being my son´s teacher, you have the power to change a lot …
    Have many years of fun doing what you love !

    • Dear Mirka,
      thank you so much for expressing your support. It means a lot to me!
      Wow! What a compliment an honor, trusting me with education of the most precious person in one’s life: child…I am speechless…
      I believe we could figure out how we could work that out, maybe to do some lessons/sessions few times a month in Zilina – and maybe even more kids can come and even parents can attend and we would learn from each other.
      What do you think? I am serious about that. Let’s make it happen, Slovakia need to wake up all the talent, which is hidden here.
      I am game, are you?
      Let’s do it!

      • Mira Durnekova says:

        Thanks for your offer Ivka ! I will seriously think about what we can do here for childred of twelve an more (it is quite a complicated age – is not it 🙂 …

  21. Finaly I saw it … I’m astonished by your sincerity and pasion. And this fact itself is inspiring for me. But also many of your shipments! And of course several books that I’ve borrowed from you.
    Thank you again, especially for the last book! 😉

  22. PS: If somebody is laughing at you – he/she probably didn’t get it 😉

    You loving cous

    • Hi Michal,

      so great to hear from ya! I am so glad you too get inspired by what I do and what I try to awaken in you, guys.
      I am happy you liked Srikumar’s book and I trust you are on a right track to be passionate warrior of life.
      You know where to find me.
      Your loving cousin;-)

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