Well Invested Time In September 2010 + Announcement!

Hello SCG,

9th month of 2010 was spiced up by 4 books.

#1 about shifts emerging from web 2.0 tools,enabling us to communicate, and create in new ways. #2 about basics of Buddhism philosophy. #3 about  happiness at work. #4 about marketing lessons taught to us by a rock band. Pretty colorful mix of topics, isn’t it? 😉 Want to know more? Carry on reading, then.


First reading time of September was spent with a latest book by Clay Shirky – a man who really knows what impact are new web 2.0 tools and our connectivity creating in the world. Clay’s book Cognitive Surplus is simply must read – what you can also judge from the amount of stickers inside the book;-) SCG, read it now!


Second book on my reading list, was total opposite (at least on a time-scale) to Shirky’s current trends piece of work. Ancient philosophy and principles of Buddhism, were explained in an “easy for westerner to understand” language. If you want to “understand” (I have to put a word understand in ” “, as it would be a very bold and ignorant statement to say, that after reading this book, you will know what Buddhism is…) basics about 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism or 8 – Fold Path to Enlightenment, read Awakening Buddha Within!


Third book on my list was given to me personally by Prof. Rao, when I have met him in London. I have read this precious gift literally within one breath. Interestingly enough, previous book about Buddhism was brought to my attention thanks to Prof. Rao, 3 years back , when he has listed it in the back of his book – Are You Ready to Succeed? as must read books. I simply love all such magical synchronicity of life… Happiness At Work is yet another “must-read – many times”  book.


I have picked up 4th book from my September list, when roaming London bookshop. Criterion for a book,  was: “pick a book, which is not heavy to carry around” 😉 So, when I have spotted a book by David Meerman Scott – who’s blog is among my “must-follow blogs” for quite some time, I did not hesitate a second. Result? Excellent – short and sweet book – with great insights into how unconventional marketing techniques kick ass! Everything was tested through decades of existence of legendary music band – The Grateful Dead. I recommend you to read Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead if you are open to “linchpin like” attitude and to experimenting with new ways for building true relationships and raising die hard fans of your brand. I am curious, are there any ” Deadheads” among you, us SCG? Bonus: please have a look at excellent blog about this book by my friend Stephen Denny, where he also talked to the author D.M. Scott.

<gosh, I am literally sweating and my brain is boiling while typing this shipment;-)>


Quotes of the month column goes to Prof. Srikumar Rao’s book Happiness At Work


You don’t have to think positive if you don’t use “bad thing” label.


Simply observe whatever happens to you, but don’t get emotionally swayed. Do what you have to do, but don’t surrender your calmness and sense of peace.


You don’t need to manage time better, you need to manage yourself better.


If you are ready to leave where you are instantly and the only thing holding you back is a paycheck, then you are paying psychic cost that is too high.


Passion does not exist in job, is exists in you and if you cannot ignite it within yourself right where you are now, you will never find it outside yourself.


Remember there is no winning or losing, when you sincerely make the effort, you win every time.


There is nothing that you have to get, do or be in order to be happy. Happiness is your innate nature. It is hardwired into being. It is part of your DNA. It is always with you.


You have spent your entire life  learning to be unhappy, by buying into “if – then model”.


You invest heavily in outcome = “goals” and outcomes are totally beyond your control. When you invest in process you cannot fail.


The only thing which never goes away is your awareness, the observer that knows that you exist. “I am” is the constant. You are the consciousness.


The logical mind is a great asset, but it is also a barrier to higher understanding. (Your intellect will not be able to give you answers on questions like: Who am I? What am I doing here in this world? etc. )


Linking your emotional well-being to the outcome of what you are striving for is a flawed strategy.


The funny thing about mental models is that more you invest in one, the more firmly you believe in whatever model you are using, the more “evidence” you get that the universe actually behaves in the way you think it does.


Rather than expecting thank you, be thankful that you have been given opportunity to be of a service.


“Ideal job” does not exist. It’s something that you craft over time, assembling the pieces as if it were a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t find it. You wake up one morning and realize you are in.


You cannot decide to bring “good company” into your life. You have to attract it.


The journey is all there is.


SCG, enjoy the journey!




[ANNOUNCEMENT] <<< SCG, there is a special shipment for you, waiting to be shipped on this Friday. Don’t miss it.>>

Make a note in your diary on Friday – October 8th!




  1. “The journey is all there is.”

    Thanks for posting Ivi. I just realized how much I changed in the past few years. I used to think about the past a lot, about the great moments I experienced and very often I was depressed, because the “now” was just not good enough.

    However, I somehow naturally found out (I guess I always knew it, but didn`t realize) that the journey, the future ahead is making me even more happy than any number of happy memories I could possibly think of.

    “You cannot change what’s over, but only where you go.”

    • Hi Zuzka,

      lovely self-reflection, thank you for sharing it with us! I found the most powerful your sentence: …when “now” was not enough…

      Happy marching on your path, Zuzi.

  2. Assalam U alaikum Miss Ivana,

    Some beautiful quotes ,

    The world may be full of fourth-rate writers
    but it’s also full of fourth-rate readers.
    ~ Stan Barstow ~

    Books are not made for furniture,
    but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.
    ~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

    Books, I found, had the power to make time
    stand still, retreat or fly into the future.
    ~ Jim Bishop ~

    There are worse crimes than burning books.
    One of them is not reading them.
    ~ Joseph Brodsky ~

    Keep Smiling….. 🙂

    • Thank you, for more inspiration Issi!

      • Dear Ivana,

        [ANNOUNCEMENT] <<>

        I’m waiting for that shipment………… Tomorrow after 2:30 pm(after Jumma Prayer) I’ll be free and then the next few hours i will dedicate for your creative web and especially I’ll check your 15 previous post of August 2010 and try to gain and learn something from them…… Today I don’t have so much time because of the assignments and quizzes preparation … 😦 That’s why I just share some quotations not my own views.. But i found these quotes really good …. 🙂


  3. It’s great that you read so much 🙂 Seeing what books you read just reminded me about how MUCH books there are to read…even if I talk about what is called motivation and business literature which is our main category I believe (for me it is). It’s funny that almost all of the books you have read I never heard of 😀 and on the other hand I have read a lot of books that maybe you never heard of, or at least haven’t read them.

    So my books for last month were:

    Florence Littauer – Dare To Dream
    Wayne W. Dyer – Your Erroneous Zones
    Anthony Robbins – Notes From a Friend – this book is MUST READ !

    (I have them in czech language, but I put here original english names)

    • Hey Tom,

      great to see you here again, I am delighted to see you becoming regular SCG-er!

      Thanks for your book tips: I have not heard of the 1st one, otherwise Tony Robbins and Dyer are classics for those who care about personal development.

  4. I am kind of behind catching up reading… my books of last month were:
    1) Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
    2) My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
    3) The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley


  5. Hi Ivana,
    Tisha of Biz Mommy recommends you as her Wonder Woman
    and I’m glad she did — it’s all great in here!
    Thanks for your list of books and the quotes.
    ‘You don’t have to think positive if you don’t use “bad thing” label.’
    How true and cool is that?

    • Hiya “bended spoon” ,

      thank you so much your 1st comment on #IS!
      I am so glad that Tisha is our connector as she is doing awesome work.
      Yeah indeed, leaving out “labeling” can bring loads of peace into our minds.
      Have a super cool day,

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