Well Invested Time In September 2010 + Announcement!

Hello SCG,

9th month of 2010 was spiced up by 4 books.

#1 about shifts emerging from web 2.0 tools,enabling us to communicate, and create in new ways. #2 about basics of Buddhism philosophy. #3 about  happiness at work. #4 about marketing lessons taught to us by a rock band. Pretty colorful mix of topics, isn’t it? 😉 Want to know more? Carry on reading, then.

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[Video] Trust Your Guts & Miracles Will Happen

Hiya SCG,

let the following blog + video reveal where did my intuition brought me.

Which part of the world did I end up to be ? What miracles am I talking about? Why will I remember 15th September 2010 till the end of my life?

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