About The Best Business #Book Ever. Bravo @bhorowitz + 50 Quotes

The Hard Things About Hard ThingsHello SCG and everyone else who happens to land here.

The highlight (the professional one as there is certainly no lack of personal joys these days) of my first quarter of 2014 was without doubt a new book by Ben Horowitz, The Hard Things About Hard Things. It hit me to the core. I loved it to bits. It is filled with real stories, of a real doer, of a real CEO and now a highly respected VC. He has earned it. He is a master of the art of struggle, the entrepreneur. Let me share with your why am I so high from this book (Having Nas and Kanye West jamming from my headphones helps to prolong this ‘dopy’ feeling.)  It was like reading a 21st century thriller. I’ve never before had my heart beating fast when reading a business book. Ben’s lessons from decades long struggle are for me like the holy book of running a business, being a good manager and being a good human being. Do yourself a favour – read his book. Here is why: [Read more…]

Quotes from “The Authentic Swing” – #book by @SPressfield

The Authentic SwingHello SCG,

I missed you. I promise that time offline was well spent! My return to #IS is about some goodness from Steven Pressfield — his new book The Authentic Swing (dedicated to golfers and writers) which arrived in a surprise package from Steve’s team. Thank you for that again!

 Here are hand-picked few quotes for you. (Even though I underlined whole pages of text). Enjoy! I loved this book.

If you will, get it and read it yourself.

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Notes from the Best Book of 2012: “Daring Greatly” by @brenebrown

Daring Greatly

Hello SCG,

This is the title of the book which blew my socks off last September. It precisely sums up what I was up to in the last 6 months. I was and am daring greatly. (I will share with you more stories in this blog once I digest them, understand them and talk about them with those I love).

I trust you will enjoy these 48 quotes from Daring Greatly by @brenebrown and share some of them forward or even act on them.

Good luck!

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About Book, Which Blew My Mind: Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

Hello SCG,

you may have noticed that I have got a break  from posting book reviews over past few months. Firstly I have been reading much less and secondly I have been shipping very important work offline. This book by Bruce Chatwin was given to me by a person I adore. Songlines  was not only about Chatwin’s traveling adventures in Australia, but it contained rich philosophical resources on human nature, evolution, psychology and relationships. I was blown away while reading it. It took me over two months to read it, as I was pondering over quotes I have read for days…I was also shocked to find out that it was Bruce Chatwin who popularized those notebooks which every digital nomad possesses… [Read more…]

50 #Quotes from a new #book by @SPressfield: Turning Pro

Hello my dear SCG,

oh my, I have missed you. I believe that during my exile from blogging you shipped loads of your art. I must confess that last 8 weeks have been the most trans formative and in the same time the most eye-opening, frightening, miraculous and soul shaking weeks of my life. I needed time to digest all experiences, regain energy, heal the scars, part with those who I trusted and loved, re-united with those I meant to be with and thank everyone who made me who I am now. I was simply Turning Pro from being an Amateur. What exactly do I mean by Turning Pro? Let the author of “turning pro” phrase explain it to you. Go, Steven Pressfield go -> Guys, enjoy hand picked 50 quotes from just self – published (I love the “self” bit of publishing a lot!) & must read book by @SPressfieldTurning Pro. [Read more…]

42 Quotes from “Stop Stealing Dreams” #manifesto by Seth Godin

stopstealingdreamsHello SCG,

last few days I have been cracking the latest shipment by SCG-er Seth Godin and here is the result of it. Wrap up of the best quotes, which stroke the chord with me.

Stop Stealing Dreams is manifesto written to inspire those who care about changing our outdated educational system.

If you belong to those who see an urgent change in the way we learn, this manifesto is a must read for you. If you are still hesitant about it, this blog post with hand-picked quotes might bring you to our side.

Enjoy. Spread the word (tweet with hash tag #stopstealingdreams). Act. It is time to bring our dreams back to life.

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26 Super Cool Quotes from: “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin

Hey SCG,

I know that I still owe you book reviews from summer 2011, but before I will get there -> let me highlight for you yet another master piece written by our beloved Seth Godin -> few days back he has published via The Domino Project his new book called We Are All Weird. I have read it cover to cover within a day -> that is why all Domino books were purposely made in such short manifesto like format, which will enable you to read them over few cups of coffee. So, let me shut up my odes for it and let’s get to the twenty six most memorable quotes from Seth’s new gift to the world.

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[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During June 2011

Hello SCG,

the time has come, when I am delighted to offer you wrap up of #IS’s reading take away(s) from June 2011. It was “beautifully designed -> enchanting -> run with wise people on the path to -> unfettered mind.” Thank you Garr, Guy, “Born toRun Chris” and Takuan for making my stay in Dubai even more life – transforming! [Read more…]

13 Quotes from a book ‘Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers

Hello SCG,

I trust you are enjoying wonderful summer days and sunshine out there – away from you PC screens. I will not be long today, as I prefer to spend time outdoors these days too. You might have noticed that 4th book published by Seth Godins the Domino Project was launched at the end of June. Delightful tiny book or manifesto full of Derek’s (@siverswisdom is ready to inspire you too. Derek “unintentionally” grew his business CD Baby to 22 million USD worth within 10 years. Then he sold it to charity! As a teaser for you to get your own copy of Anything You Want > I am offering you 13 hand – picked quotes from it. Here you are. [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS during May 2011

Hello SCG,

5th month of 2011 was packed with mind altering titles. Ken Wilber briefly explained me “history of everything”, friend 2.0 Bruna Martinuzzi generously shed bright light on what does it mean to be leader as a Mensch. I have ‘spent’ life with Zen master Shunryu Suzuki and never the last – I was dragged into one boy’s story – child soldier’s story in west Africa. Curious to know more? Read on! [Read more…]

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