[Review of Books] Read by #IS in April 2011

 Hello SCG,

welcome to 6th month of 2011 (already?!). Let’s kick it with book reviews, which might inspire you to pick some of those titles for your long summer days, too. As (our) beloved Seth Godin said in his yesterday’s blog post ->  ” I wonder why we believe we can skip reading and still be so dang smart.” Guys, I so encourage you to “read your eyes off”, because skipping this “hard part” will not get you anywhere near being indispensable, smart, well – read linchpin. I mean it! So, here is portion of my April’s reading list. Enjoy! [Read more…]

[Review of Books] Read by #IS in March 2011

Hello SCG,

you might have noticed, we are still missing last 2 months of book reviews -> so, let’s stop whining & let’s ship them instead.  March 2011 was without any doubt the most life-transforming month of my life & books, which I have read during it will carry a special scent with them forever. Which are they? [Read more…]

Steven Pressfield Will Tell You How to Do The Work.

Happy May Day SCG,

 let’s celebrate today by doing the work. I might sound a bit “schizophrenic”, especially when my last shipment was about NOT doing things, but ->trust me, following post is a must (re)-read & must act upon, if you are a doer, who is longing with her soul to create/ship meaningful things, which will touch people’s lives & change them for better. (If you are not such person, totally skip this post -> it is not for you.) [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During February 2011

Hey SCG,

I am still blown away by your comments & emails you have flooded me with after mycome back“. Wow! It truly feels great to know, that my work matters to you. Thank you!  But, let us get back to shipping mode now & let’s catch up on my one month of “sick leave”with a recap of books I have read during the shortest month of a year -> February. [Read more…]

22 Quotes from Seth Godin’s New Book: Poke the Box

Hey SCG,

this week is a sneezing week at web 2.0 world about Seth Godin ( see for example here , here or here) & his just published book Poke the Box (PTB) -> I have got a privilege to receive Kindle version of PTB prior to its official publishing date (1 March) thanks to my involvement in Street Team of The Domino Project -> project founded by Seth, where he is making a point, that re-inventing book publishing business is inevitable. Let me share with you a glimpse of the  PTB quotes, which resonated with me the most and might do as well with you. Go! Go! Go! [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During January 2011

Hello SCG,

I am kinda excited to share with you brisk reviews of books consumed during 1st month of 2011;  January’s portion contained-> classics by Robert Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Heath’s brothers brought in great insights on managing change in their book Switch; Guys from 37 signals wrote brilliantly bold and easy to read (harder to execute though) book Rework & I have concluded month with Freedom from Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti. So, let’s dig into 4 pieces, which kept me awake during nights, aware during days & inspired me to act, change & re-learn.
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Well Invested Time in December 2010

Hello SCG,

let’s look back to a rear mirror of 2010 with December’s reading list review.

I must admit, it was pretty mystical experience. Lisa Gansky took me into the future of business with introduction of the mesh-y firms; which continued by “walking” the Pilgrimage journey side by side with Paulo Coelho and already challenged mind got even more stretched with essential thoughts of philosopher Rumi. I concluded last month of 2010 with thrilling fiction novel Pharaoh. Woa, what a ride! [Read more…]

Well Invested Time In November 2010


11th portion of monthly reading review is ready for your consumption. What’s in it? Alex Kjerulf has kicked off my reading appetite with Happy Hour Is 9 to 5, then I have got  my spirits high with Tales of Power. Gained strength from Castaneda’s piece was multiplied by Chris‘s first book The Art Of Non – Conformity and reading ride of November was topped by “bubbles” from Whoops , where John Lanchester gave us crispy outlook on world’s current state of affairs in mon(k)ey business – banking.  Curious to know more? Step in, then;-) [Read more…]

Well Invested Time In October 2010

Hiya SCG,

I suspect that this year went by somehow fast, don’t you think? 10th wrap up of books, which I have read last month is due. I have taken off with; asking myself “why” with Simon Sinek & then I had a privilege to spent overwhelming time by science fiction piece(s) by Robert Heinlein about Man from Mars and 2 books by Seth Godin, who preaches according to some “wise” people in our planet: science-fiction things,too. 😉 So, let’s hop on a space-ship into “October’s reading universe” of I.S. [Read more…]

Well Invested Time In September 2010 + Announcement!

Hello SCG,

9th month of 2010 was spiced up by 4 books.

#1 about shifts emerging from web 2.0 tools,enabling us to communicate, and create in new ways. #2 about basics of Buddhism philosophy. #3 about  happiness at work. #4 about marketing lessons taught to us by a rock band. Pretty colorful mix of topics, isn’t it? 😉 Want to know more? Carry on reading, then.

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