Steven Pressfield Will Tell You How to Do The Work.

Happy May Day SCG,

 let’s celebrate today by doing the work. I might sound a bit “schizophrenic”, especially when my last shipment was about NOT doing things, but ->trust me, following post is a must (re)-read & must act upon, if you are a doer, who is longing with her soul to create/ship meaningful things, which will touch people’s lives & change them for better. (If you are not such person, totally skip this post -> it is not for you.)

Let’s Welcome Second Book of the Domino Project ->

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Steven’s book “consumed” loads of time of mine, because -> I have read it, then I read it again & finally I have decided to transform my handwritten notes of quotes worth remembering into a slide note-deck bellow. Enjoy it! Share it! Live by it!

You can view it on Slideshare, too.

Note: Kindle version of Do the Work will cost you 0,00 USD ( till 20th May)


when you recall your own creative process experiences, have you recognized allies & enemies of an artist listed by Steven Pressfield? Which other hurdles or helping hands of an artist, would you add to the list? What are your mantras when creating your art? Have you read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield? ->if not yet, you better do! Just sayin’

Over to you now.

(I am off to fight my everyday battle with Resistance)



P.S.: Don’t forget to pick you own copy of Do the Work & stay tuned to The Domino Project news ->I can tell you, that next Domino books will be inspiring & life-changing, too.


  1. Thanks for sharing this preview via those notes Ivana. I can’t wait to get my copy of Do The Work.


    • Hey TV,
      thanks for thanks!
      It is wonderful book, I am sure you will feel yourself, that you totally understand what is Steven talking about;-)
      In a sense it is a great relief, that it is absolutely normal to go through all this bumps, ups & downs during shipping. We simply have to live with it and ship despite it!
      Happy shipping my friend.

      • I loved reading “The Warrior Ethos” series over at Steve’s blog. I loved the way he has drawn parallels between war and life – and that we don’t just fight external enemies, but also our internal ones – resistance is one such enemy. 🙂

        Keep Shipping!


    • Hey TV,

      I have not read any fiction by Steven, if I don’t count watching movie, the Legend of Bagger Vance;-)
      Indeed, the greatest enemy of a man is man himself & mostly that man can be found, when we look in the mirror.
      even tough, we tend to look elsewhere & point fingers all around us;-)
      Keep on fighting the Resistance, my friend!

  2. Having read “Do The Work,” this is a fantastic visual recap of the book.

    It’s still free via Kindle until May 20th. Get it free, if you haven’t already.

    Great work, Ivana!


    • Yay, Chris!
      Thank you so much for liking the recap.
      I must admit, that it took me sometime to get it into this visual state.
      Is this your first comment on #IS? I cannot find you in my “database” of SCG-ers, so I am wondering if I have skipped you or I shall welcome you to Super Cool Gang?;-)

  3. The people I see get more out of life, keep taking action.

    The one’s that I see fulfilled, appreciate what they’ve got along the way.

  4. I have just finished reading of this “book” and I have to say, I’m disappointed. It’s some kind of a mashup between poor motivational literature and art of bullet pointing and repeating one thing on and on. If this “book” was not published by Seth Godin’s Domino Project, it would have been doomed for sure. I see no value in this promotional effort for other Steven Pressfield’s books which might be actually good reads.
    I rather recommend “Rework” from

    • Ahoj Lukas,
      first of all – thanks for your 1st comment on #IS;-)
      secondly, I totally respect your point of view, please do read whatever makes sense for you & what inspires you.
      I loved Do the Work, as well as I love The War of Art by Steven. Doers who start work with blank canvas are going through the same steps as Steven described in this book/manifesto, that is why it has resonated with me & many others.
      Domino books are not for everyone & their aim is not to hit New York times bestselling list, they are here to touch us & to start a conversation.
      Which just happened;-)

      And yes, Rework is great read, indeed. Here is my review for it:

      P.S.: why don’t you try to write a “book” which can be published by Domino Project,too?;-)

  5. I just had bigger expectations, I guess 🙂 It’s not that bad taking into account it’s free…
    In terms of me writing any sort of book, I don’t feel as I possess such competence to do so (yet).

    • As my first mentor told me once:
      “Expectations are giving birth to disappointment” 😉

      I like “yet” part in your statement about you writing a book! I am so looking forward to your creative attempts & maybe then will be a time to re-read Steven’s book;-)

      Once again, thanks for joining our conversation on #IS.
      You too will be featured among SCG Vol. 5 folks (some time soon)



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