[Review of Books] Read by #IS in April 2011

 Hello SCG,

welcome to 6th month of 2011 (already?!). Let’s kick it with book reviews, which might inspire you to pick some of those titles for your long summer days, too. As (our) beloved Seth Godin said in his yesterday’s blog post ->  ” I wonder why we believe we can skip reading and still be so dang smart.” Guys, I so encourage you to “read your eyes off”, because skipping this “hard part” will not get you anywhere near being indispensable, smart, well – read linchpin. I mean it! So, here is portion of my April’s reading list. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Steven Pressfield Will Tell You How to Do The Work.

Happy May Day SCG,

 let’s celebrate today by doing the work. I might sound a bit “schizophrenic”, especially when my last shipment was about NOT doing things, but ->trust me, following post is a must (re)-read & must act upon, if you are a doer, who is longing with her soul to create/ship meaningful things, which will touch people’s lives & change them for better. (If you are not such person, totally skip this post -> it is not for you.) [Read more…]

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