Tribute To My Best Friend

Hello SCG,

I apologize for low frequency of shipping (at blogging end) in 2012, but maybe less is more in this case as well. Today, I have decided to introduce you my best friend. She made me who I am in many aspects. Many thoughts and blog posts were inspired by her invisible presence and inspiration. (which I could see only when looking back) Yeah, it took me sometime to be able to put down in words what she is to me…but the time is now to give a deep bow to the best friend of mine. It might inspire you to thank your best friend, too. [Note: this is ain’t any business blog post and if you don’t like emotional read don’t bother to click on continue reading]

We celebrated birthday together for 29 years. She was one day ‘younger’ to me. Born on 19th June.

We laughed. We cried. We sat in silence.

She lived most of her life in a small town near Poprad.

She was mother of 3.  (yeah, so she was not really younger to me as her year of birth was few decades before mine)

She survived WW II.  She was that strong.

She never complained. Ever!

Her blue eyes carried loads of love, pain and unspoken experiences in them.

Her soft hands were always warm when she held my hand. What an energy…

She was great with technology, she was kinda geek. Using her cell phone or DVD player, while her peers were hardly managing to operate remote control for TV.

She was faithful and devoted wife to her husband.

She was believer, she believed.

She prayed, but she never told anyone she did.

She was generous beyond the pale.

She taught me how to enjoy life. Eat quality food, dance, dress well, wear make up, socialize…

She picked up my phone call at any ungodly hour.

She listened to everyone with deep care and involvement. Yet, we were so busy with our “problems”, that we forgot that maybe we shall shut up and listen to this wise lady…

She knew what was going on with me just by looking at me. No further comments needed.

She looked and she knew (felt)…

She understood life…Universe…God….

and she was silent…and went silent…

…it will be 5 months since you left this world and yet I still cannot believe you are gone…and I miss you more and more every day…thank you for being around…then and even now…in my thoughts and actions…

My last conversation with her over the phone went like this:

Me: What are you thinking of these days?

Babka: I am remembering good times. And you, what do you think of?

Me: I am dreaming of good times.

You are greatly missed, my best friend Paulínka Bednárová.

I love you, Babuška (= Grand Ma)



  1. One of the sweetest post on IS.
    You are very lucky Ivana to had/have the company of such a great soul.

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    You “were so lucky” of having one each other.

    PS: I don’t really believe in luck 😉

    • Aw, Seb! What a powerful connections are in making here…Yes, no luck, yet order is in place, which we cannot explain, so we call it luck…
      Thank you for being around IS and us.

  3. magdalena says:

    So deep, Ivana… thank you! Thinking of her now…

  4. In business we need to dare, to dream big and to have the courage to make things happen. We can’t do that on our own, We need people in our lives like your Paulinka to believe in us and support us.
    I think this is a post about business.
    Hugs -sharing the joy of such a wonderful friend.
    Hugs – for missing her.

  5. Touching! Made my day fuller… and made me think of my grandma! Thanks 🙂

  6. This post reminded me of my grandmother but its also told that you too know very much about your grandmother.

  7. Here’s to remembering and to dreaming, with gratitude. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ivka, you will carry her spirit as long as you live and that was the blessing she gave you. You will think of her everyday for the rest of your life, and it will hurt, sometimes less, sometimes more. But one thing will remain the same – the fact that she influenced you to be a better person, a person who can change the life of others for the better… I wish you feel less and less pain & more blessing of the gift she gave you. Love you, z.

    • Dear Zuzu,
      I am so moved by your lovely comment!
      I believe you too carry with you people’s influence like that.
      Love you back, my friend!
      See you soon.
      – is


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