Hey SCG,

this post will be off the grid from business or marketing or social media or anything related to it. What will it be about? I have decided to share with you excerpt from my journal. If you have any prejudices towards emotional flow of thoughts – this post is NOT for you. You better stick with some fact based, rational posts -> there are plenty of them out there in blogoshpere. But if you are willing to open up and you care to  listen to personal thoughts of person you know (a bit)  – me -> then go ahead. Enjoy my unusual philosophical/emotional shipment.


When people ask me, “How are you?” -> I say, I am.
When they ask me: “What do you do?” -> I reply, I believe.

That is all.

I am and I believe. Period.
There is no in between.
You either are believer or not.

It ain’t about words. It is about shipments.
It ain’t about bowing or prayers. It is about how you make people feel.
It ain’t about holy houses or books. It is about the heart you carry within you.

Remember, that everything shall pass.
Ups and downs.
We are on a journey. Yes, it can get bumpy.
But..believe me it is still worthy to undertake it.

You cannot see what is behind a next hill.
All you can see is what is on the path you walk on now.
Stop worrying about it then.
Focus on every small step you take now.
Pay close attention to little things:

Greeting you say.
Eye contact you make.
Email you send.
Hand shake you perform.
Tweet you post to the world.

Wake up every morning with urge to share your gifts.
Serve. Love. Care. Create. Learn. Ship. Fail. Stand up.
Life is to be experienced…
Experience what you are capable of.

People are scared when you provide them with mirror. When you hold it in front of their eyes and ask them to look. Nothing profound, just a call for stopping by and looking at own self image.

Look for a while and examine who do you see…Seriously, who do you see? No, I do not mean your name, your nationality, your clothes…I mean that spark in your eyes…all those emotions, experiences, dreams, fears, possibilities…Look at them. Do you now see what I see in you?

Potential. Love. Ideas. Wisdom. Compassion. Creativity. Kindness…it is all there…Miracles…

Yet, you hold back..You build walls. You walk away from such conversations and experiences. You ignore that mirror. You cover it with cloth. You smash it. You lock it up in distant room of your house.Then you go back to known waters, where you are just pretending to be someone you are not. Surrounding yourself with people who never seen this light in you. You think it is safer to live like that.

Yes I know, it is scary, but only in the beginning…Fear and freaking out is totally understandable reaction. In fact it is the best sign ever, which could happened to you…when you are so afraid from what is going on with you…when you allow yourself to just be…It is a huge danger for that calm predictable you, you were before….your old you is holding back strongly…take your time and free yourself…

I so believe in you…You can make it. You can face your fears. Do it.

Believe that we did not meet by accident.
Believe that we can transform each other for truer us.
Believe that together we can ship art which was unseen to this world.


Do or do not, there is no try, as Master Yoda said.

Ship or shut up.

Believe or live in fear.

Risk or be average.

Sweat or settle for comfort.

Believe in yourself.

You have got it all.

All you have ever dreamed off.

Impress us. Move our souls with your art.

Keep shipping.

Your art is needed in this world.

Be. Believe. Ship. Experience.





  1. Very inspirational, thank you! 😉
    …”Do or do not, there is no try”… maybe I should finally watch Star Wars, I like that 😀

    • Star Wars is a must! I watched whole series only one year ago. So go ahead, watch them all!;-)
      Thanks for liking this shipment. I was a bit hesitant to post it, but if it served one person (which I assume it did) then it was worth it.
      Keep shipping, Tom!

  2. Thanks Ivana!

    When people ask me, “How are you?” -> I say, I am.
    When they ask me: “What do you do?” -> I reply, I believe.

    Be. Believe. Ship. Experience. ->> that’s the purpose sentence that I kind of have as well…

    Thanks again!

  3. 1

  4. Mira Durnekova says:

    Ivka thanks for your ideas,
    for being a pillar of strength,
    but also knowing when to bend.

  5. perfect article. The meaning of life in few lines.

  6. I like the raw and real.

    Lately, I’ve found the power of the *wondering mind* for inspiration, and there’s science behind it. Apparently, “Will I do this?” is more effective than “I will do this.”

    > Experience what you are capable of.
    Well put. It’s hitting the high notes that makes my soul sing.

    • Yay, J.D.,
      thank you for ‘singing’ along.
      I totally agree that “Will I do this?” approach is much more powerful.
      It is awesome to have you with #IS in 2012 as well.
      Keep shipping.

  7. What a powerful post!
    Im grabbing this quote from you: “Life is to be experienced…” I couldn’t agree any more!
    You really have to try, DO and seek out your limits! Great post 🙂

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