Hey SCG,

this post will be off the grid from business or marketing or social media or anything related to it. What will it be about? I have decided to share with you excerpt from my journal. If you have any prejudices towards emotional flow of thoughts – this post is NOT for you. You better stick with some fact based, rational posts -> there are plenty of them out there in blogoshpere. But if you are willing to open up and you care to  listen to personal thoughts of person you know (a bit)  – me -> then go ahead. Enjoy my unusual philosophical/emotional shipment. [Read more…]

On Expectations

Hiya SCG,

today’s shipment was inspired by Facebook status of my friend Prashant, which said this: The Better You Do, More They Expect”and this got me thinking. How is it with expectations? Is Prashant’s status update true or not? How should we deal with all those opportunities laying in front of us, in an interactive and connected age we live in? What shall we expect? Are expectations put on us encouraging or it is a burden? [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #44


share your opinions on 44th Question Of the Week.

What is the first thing you notice/examine when you meet someone for the first time?

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Why Did Silence Overtook Inspiring Shipments?

Hi my dear SCG,

I know it is already Thursday and this is only 1st shipment of this week. You might be wondering, why? Do you? Please allow me to explain:“Why did I interrupt my regular shipping mode? Why do I think that accepting need for silence can teach you a lot about yourself?” [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #38

Hiay SCG,

I had no idea what the 38th Question Of the Week will be but I trusted the process that it will “hit me” when I will need it. It did! When I was walking to a downtown of Bratislava in order to find a coffee shop with running wi-fi, I have met along the way many people asking for money. (beggars, homeless people, street artists, etc.) So, my question to you today is:

Do you donate money?

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Question Of the Week #35

Hello SCG,

inspiration for 35th Question Of the Week originated in the latest post of Seth Godin, where he says: The emotional labor of engaging with the work and increasing the energy in the room is precisely what you sell.”

I would like to hear your take on emotional labor.

What is emotional labor? How can you distinguish between emotional worker and non-emotional one? Do you know any emotional laborers? Do you know a company, which raise emotional workers?


Question Of the Week #34

Hello SCG,

I believe you would agree with me, that some people, which we come across are not truly “like minds” to us. So, let me ask you:

How do you deal with negative people?

I cannot wait to read about your ways how to handle negative/offensive people.


Question Of the Week #32

Hey SCG,

greetings from Slovakia, yay! It is great to be home and being around my close people again, what brings smile to my face. (I mean more smile) Therefore I would like to ask you:

Why is humor and laughter important?

I cannot wait to read you in comments, after one week absence of Question Of the Week. [Read more…]

Question Of The Week #27

Salam SCG!

Greetings from Iran, again;-) Currently, I am experiencing an experience of being emotionally exposed to the most sincere human being I know -> Mohammed.(see previous post) Therefore, it has happened to me several times, that tears of joy dropped from my eyes.


When was the last time, when you have shed tears of joy?

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Question Of The Week #17

Hiya SCG,

question What would you do if you would win in lottery 1 000 000 $? is FAQ during many intelligence proving forums (like Miss Universe or political debates) 😉 Therefore, I would like to reverse that question to:

What would you do, if you would find out that ALL your money & savings are gone? What would be your next steps?

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