Question Of The Week #27

Salam SCG!

Greetings from Iran, again;-) Currently, I am experiencing an experience of being emotionally exposed to the most sincere human being I know -> Mohammed.(see previous post) Therefore, it has happened to me several times, that tears of joy dropped from my eyes.


When was the last time, when you have shed tears of joy?

Share it with us! Life is to short not to live it with heart and care about things which matters the most during our human life: our emotions and feelings.




  1. I cry at the drop of a hat. I’m wiping away tears right now from watching a wonderful celebration of life video on youtube:

    I used to be embarrassed by crying, but not any more. I’m happy that I am a feeling human. I revel in my emotions, let them wash through, but not let them rule me.

  2. Oh Ivana, I remember my last tears of joy very much. It was 3 months ago on our last national conference of AIESEC this year. It was the last time that we were all there together as a team, it was amazing. I dont know who came up w/ idea that I should tell something, but probably me 🙂 I read to my guys (I mean the slovak AIESECers) the “Wish for leaders” (if you havent read it yet, google it!) and then I said last sentence: “I would like to say last 3 words to my teams – congratulations. thank you. I am sorry” This got me into crying like a baby 🙂 I still have goosebumps when I think about it. And then somebody played “We are the champions”. I though that it is so annoying song that everybody plays, but actually in the right occasion it can be suitable. Just like that time. It was amazing moment – joy and sadness both in me, but awesome 10 minutes. Love it when it happens.

    • Aaw, wonderful Marek!
      Yes, AIESEC-ers are super cool group of folks, no wonder they brought tears into your eyes. Well, I had also tears of joy in my eyes during NGLS keynote speech…
      Yes, those moments are to be cherished and remembered forever!

  3. Experiences and emotion are what make us so human. As one of my mentors would say, “Where there is emotion, there’s truth.”

  4. Hmm.. I’m pretty thick skinned. Not the type to cry. But i do feel emotional in a different way. I guess i’m good at hiding my true feelings when confronted with tears 🙂

  5. dennycoates says:

    I got misty-eyed this weekend when I saw my new grand-niece during her first day of life.

    I’ve often wondered about tears of joy. We know that pain causes tears. But why joy? It’s a little perplexing. Maybe it really is just all the emotion. But I think it’s also the feeling that “it could have been different.” With this birth, we got what we want and need, but there could have been complications. It might not have worked out. The joy at what we have is intensified because we don’t take it for granted. We feel fortunate, because something painful could have happened, but didn’t.

    • Yay, Denny! I “see you” and your emotions. Yes, you are so right if term “tears of joy” are the best name for it. I think, we could rename it to tears of gratitude.
      Thank you for sharing and for BEING a true warrior! I am just reading Separate reality by Carlos…It is awesome.

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