7 Observations After 7 Days in Tehran

Persian Look;-)

I am just starting my 7th day in Tehran and there is so much going on… I am taking pictures everywhere I move, but sadly, I cannot upload them on Flickr. So, please understand that I am not neglecting visual parts of your brains; I am just fighting “online battle” after being assigned to have Iranian I.P. address 😉

Le me share with you 7 observations, which I have stumbled upon during my first week in this fascinating 14 million city of Tehran.*

*Note: Keep in mind that this is no generalization, only my personal subjective impression and perception.

#1 Driving in Tehran has NO rules!

I have considered myself a confident driver, but I would not dare to sit behind steering wheel here, no go! Leave driving in Tehran for taxi drivers, they might not kill any pedestrians or get hit by other drivers on the way to your destination;-) I will dedicate one whole shipment to experiences from Tehran’s roads, OK?

#2 I admire ladies for coping with being covered in this crazy hot weather.

With little doll Ariana

Luckily kids are free from any clothing restrictions. I still feel very clumsy wearing scarf. Do I look forward to wear what I want to, when I will get back home? Hell, YES!;-)

#3 Pictures and videos cannot be taken everywhere freely.


Ariana loves to record every minute! 😉

So it is better to ask before you want to take snaps in restaurant or coffee shop. In the museums it is mostly forbidden, but when you eliminate your flash, you can “trick guards.”

#4 Beverages from “abroad” are imitations.


Coca Cola cans or bottles looks like original ones, only there is a sing on it, written in bold letters:  “ORIGINAL“, which makes it fake! 😉

#5 Everyone is a “millionaire” in Iran.


Some petty cash note;-)

Due to crazy exchange rate: 1 USD equals to cca 10 400 Iranian Rials😉 Only cash can “buy” you things here, no credit cards or international ATM cards will work here. What made me smile, was spotting a bank with great name: “City Bank“! Any similarities with name of one bank, which logo is umbrella, is pure coincidence. 😉

#6 Generosity and care for a guest in Iran is beyond any imagination.

Our Super Cool traditional dinner last night

We (westerners) could learn from it. Sharing and giving in our parts of the globe, is somehow overshadowed by our personal drive and desires to have more.  Again I can only agree, that Iran proves saying: “less is more!”

#7 Food is amazing.

Our Iranian Saturday lunch

Iranian food is delicious! Prepared home or outside, it is lovely! I am loving also home delivery service of groceries. Free of charge.  Just a phone call away. Neat, isn’t it?! No need to carry bags and go out in this heat.

SCG, that is it for today, more from my Persian adventure, soon!

Have a super cool week, guys!

Khoda hafaz*, SCG!

(* Goodbye in Farsi )



  1. Very interesting and knowledgeable post :).
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovely XP… gotta say it is interesting. Reminds me my very short stay in Delhi and how much differences I realized there. Enjoy it and keep shipping.

  3. Wow, it seems like a wonderful trip, Ivana! I found it amusing that they have “fake” coke over there. I’m wondering how the fake coke tastes like over there?


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