Do you carry the right currency with you?


Do you remember video post with the FUTURE concept? Can you recall, what was the 3rd element of it? OK, let me help you out; it was being: trustworthy.

Word with 4 letters (in my opinion), which might will be the main asset you can possess  and leverage during your business and personal journey is


Why do I think so? Let me share, yet another story with you.

I am scribbling this post from hot Dubai, where I have stopped by on the way back home from Tehran.  Guess what was the first thing I did, after touching down in Dubai? Yes, I went online, to catch up with Facebook and all of you.

Power of Word of Mouth in Action

Shortly after I have logged in, I have got Skype “hi message” from my (our)  friend and hard core Super Cool Gang-er, Zunnurian.  When he has realized, that my current location is Dubai, he said, that his good friend Amir is running a Webpreneur Universtiy there. I liked what I have heard about Amir, so I asked “Zun”, if he would mind to introduce me to Amir via email. Hi did so instantly! In 10 minutes I was on the phone talking live to Amir. And at the moment I am attending Amir’s awesome 2 days long event in Dubai Knowledge Village.

Great crowd at Webpreneur University

Trust is Emerging New Currency.

Do you know , how did I pay for being part of 550 USD worth gig? Nope, it was not a credit card, nor cash. It was other currency, new currency of today – it is called TRUST. Based on introduction from “Zun”, Amir did not need to do any deep due diligence on me anymore (because he knows and trusts “Zun”) and after checking my online presence and one phone call, I was simply invited by Amir to attend his event as guest.

Are you getting, what I mean?


I would like you to sit back over the weekend and reflect on your own professional and even personal relationships. 

Do your friends/ colleagues care about you?

Would they recommend you to their valuable contacts?

When was the last time you have got introduced to someone for the work art you do?

Do you trust recommendations from your friends?

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and stories.




  1. It takes a long slow build of giving to earn that level of trust. That’s what you have done. This is a great example of wonderful things happening to wonderful people. this is a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’m in the process of starting a second business here and everyone I talk to is supporting me without asking what’s in it for them. They trust that they will receive back, because they always have in the past.

    It means I can start the company with a much smaller dollar investment than I would if I had to pay deposits and cash up front. My friends are even willing to try out helping just to work with me and learn how I start a company. We are being very innovative so that makes it fun and educational for everyone.

    Trust is what makes it work. It takes a long time to build, but, boy is it worth it!

    • 😉 Thank you Frances! I am so excited from your journey! And I do totally agree with you, that building trust takes time, but when you give a lot, “universe” will find ways how to give it back to you. So, therefore I am confident you will march well on your endeavors. And I also agree that sometimes lack of resources, can free your mind to get into creativity mode. Here is an old video post, I have done some time back

  2. Great post. The future is not what is in your bank balance but what is in your heart and soul. The world is finally starting to get back to basics and that is

    Its all about the people, connnecting, learning and inspiring each other.

  3. Sidra Qasim says:

    Good post Ivana, You always ready to be grateful to those who are grateful to you. You have big asset of trust. I know Zun a little he is good soul on earth. Money is not a matter every time but building trust matters a lot. I still remember your words “Be generous”.
    Last time when I was at Lahore, I felt I am not comfortable at my uncle`s home.I discussed all with one of my friends.She recommended me to stay with hr friend at UET.Ivana you cant imagine how much she looked after me. I am truly gateful to Mariyam| name of that girl|. Amazing person. Even many times she pressed my clothes just to provide me all comfort. When I tried to pay for money for food etc, she scolded me a lot and refused to take even though I tried hard. There are no words to describe her generosity.
    These kind of people are real asset.
    Have a great time.

    have a great day Ivana.

    • Hey Sid,
      thank you for your wonderfully generous comment and story you have shared with US!
      Yes, generosity is the key for making a difference.
      Keep on rocking lady, you are on the right track! Stick to it and follow your heart.

  4. Another wonderful experience / miracle!

    Yes Ivana, trust is the best currency which one can carry. I’m proud to say that I’ve it, my friends just love me a lot and I gained it through pure intentions. I love them back too 🙂

    And yes, I really trust recommendations from friends.

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