Question Of the Week #29

Hiya SCG,

last days were very emotionally intensive for me and between landing in Dubai and attending hilarious event, I have read book (MUST READ!) by Steven Pressfield – War of Art, which inspired me to put on 29th Question of the Week (#QOW)

Are you looking at others to validate your efforts?


Would you carry on in doing your work/art, if there is no one to pay for it & no one to clap their hands for you?

Yay, I am already excited to “read you”;-)



  1. Hi Ivana,
    Validation is nice – I appreciate it – but it’s not my motivator. I do what I do because I hope one day I’ll be able to say I left behind more than I found.

    • Hey Susan!
      Thank you for leaving your 1st comment with us!;-)
      Yes, validation is not a motivator to do something. Loving your approach of leaving behind more than you found, well said!
      Keep on leaving behind!;-)

  2. Hi Ivana;
    The triiibes book club is having our last discussion about this book next Friday at 1pm EDT (New York time) on Skype. Please join us if you can.

    I wish I could answer that all my motivation comes from within, but I do care what other people think and say. I’m still pretty clear about my own values and goals, but I will change things within those parameters based on what people I care about say.

    • Hi Frances,
      I will do my best to be on that Skype call. It turned out to be pretty hectic here in Dubai;-)
      Keep on searching within and then you will see that there are much more people who care about you in this world!;-)

  3. Hi Ivana

    Well its always to good to have validation but its kind of wrong to always out your work on others evaluation. As for myself is concerned, sometimes i do look towards other’s validation but only in the situation i believe its necessary.


    • 😉 Hi Balal,
      yes I know what you mean. Try for a change to things (which your heart feels like right) no matter what others think. Sometimes one have to ignore others in order to get his art into practice, because other will not approve you or criticize you due their own resistance. Be aware of it, it is resistance, which keeps you from sitting down and doing things;-)

  4. Gabi Husarova says:

    i mean it is always nice to hear that familiar two-word sentence, “good job” from someone. it usually encourages me to work harder, but it is not a rule though. even though, i like being recognized for my effort or work, i almost never look for outstanding ovations when i do my work well or at the highest level.

    • Great Gabi, keep on doing good work no matter if someone will clap their hands for you. Important thing is, you know you have done your best and that is what matters!;-)

  5. Nah… not @ all. I do things for myself, anything that my heart pleases. Simply not bothered about what others think or want me to do. Well, if they think i’m good, then its a bonus for me. If they think i’m a loser, i still have nothing to lose myself. You know what i mean? Life’s too short to be seeking validations, be it from your family, friends or the world at large.

    I have been called an arrogant person due to this, but for me what matters is what my mind says, not what the world thinks… Now really who cares if the world thought i was a loser? 🙂 Well, i may not do things to please others, but i certainly know i can have a goodnight’s sleep this way cause i’ll have the satisfaction that i did what i wanted irrespective of what others thought. Arrogant, much ? 🙂

    • Awesome! Keep on following your own gut and heart. Ignoring everybody is a must especially in the beginning of courageous project or initiatives. There are so many distractions which will try to keep you away from your purpose, that only way how to overcome it, is to acknowledge it but yet ignore it. Same like lizard brain in your head;-)

  6. I read The War of Art years ago and the thing that really stuck with me was the idea of putting in your hours … and that’s what separates the pro from the beginner. Resistance is a strong force and even just labeling it can go a long way to finding ways to deal with it.

  7. Didn’t read it but that guy wrote what was then one of my favorite movies (The Legend of Vagger Vance). That movie is all about overcoming the resistance in the personal path. Is a must see.

    About doing your stuff without being “baptized by others”: if you manage to find gratification in the act of helping others to think better just because, then everything that comes next is a surplus.

    Turns out that sometimes what you do, because is different, because it tries to extract value from unusual places, because agreeing is going to change something, may happen that people looks you like an alien.

    But if the value is real they’ll respect you. That’s why is better showing than telling and that’s why shipping works.

    • Hey Seb,
      yeah movie The Legend of Bagger Vance is mind-blowing one! It was recommended to me by my first mentor 2 years ago and I was surprised, when I have found out that Steven Pressfield has written this story.

      Yes, to lead by example and show people how you walk your talk, is the best way how to make a difference.

      Yay, I know “being like an alien” feeling;-) But it is worth it, to expose yourself emotionally to unknown and following your inner calling!

  8. I believe that my heart is best to validate me, there are some important people and if they validate me, i do it with more confidence otherwise I dnt care for others’ interruption.

    sorry for being late for comment and thanks for a nice question. 🙂

    • Hey Sami,
      thanks for your time to contribute!;) I am glad to see you back in comments, after a while!;-) Come more often!

      I am happy to see you do not seek validation as main “green signal” for your actions! Always follow your heart and followers will come!


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