Question Of the Week #1

Hiya SCG,

I am so thrilled from twenty eleven kick off for Question Of the Week series. So, here we go, first #QOW for you is:

How can we help to transform motivation to attend school institutions from grades-based into knowledge-based?

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[Video] How To Transform Your “Nay-Sayers” Your Into Helpers


Yay, I am so glad to be back in moving pictures!Let me share with you today:

3 Ways you must can chose to follow, If you want to turn your “discouragers” into your helpers! 😉

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Question Of the Week #29

Hiya SCG,

last days were very emotionally intensive for me and between landing in Dubai and attending hilarious event, I have read book (MUST READ!) by Steven Pressfield – War of Art, which inspired me to put on 29th Question of the Week (#QOW)

Are you looking at others to validate your efforts?

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5 Songs, Which Will Make Your (Mon)day Kick

Hello SCG,

I believe you have had a super cool weekend. Just in case, you have got stuck today with Monday blues, here are 5 “mood saving” tunes for you;-)

Kick off your shoes and DANCE with me!

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[Video] Four Lessons Learned from running, Forest Gump didn’t tell you about

Hello SCG,

I believe I am not alone, who is ranking movie Forest Gump among the best movies ever. There are many memorable quotes from the movie, but I trust all of you are able to identify the movie after hearing a quote:

“Run, Forest run!”

Today, I would like to share with you 4 Lessons, which I have learned during my running quest in 2010.

Watch my next “IS” = Inspiring Shipment for U

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New Book by Srikumar Rao is out.

Hello Super Cool Gang-ers,

I am so delighted to hear that new book by Srikumar Rao is officially out since yesterday – 2nd of April 2010. Why am I so excited? There are tons of books published every day, aren’t they.

I have special soft spot for Prof.  Rao, because his book Are You Ready to Succeed? literally changed my life in November 2007 and was one of the reasons why I have decided to leave Dubai and return back – home to Slovakia.

His new book Happiness At Work is available in bookstores in North America, so if you are passing by a bookshop, pick up this fresh piece for upcoming pro-longed Easter weekend.

SCG-ers, I would love to know your take on it, as I can’t do that right now (yet) 😉

Stay Super Cool.


[Video] Are you ready for spring?

Hi folks!

Today, I have decided to talk about a “new” topic. Which one? Just watch and see.

Who will join me at ” 100km super cool walking challenge” ?


My grandfather would…

My Grand Father. Extraordinary man. We miss you.

My Grandfather, who was walking his talk. 100km before each spring

Let’s kick it.



Question of the Week #8

What drives you nuts?

I am truly curious what freaks you out?;-)

Have a blissful day.



[Video] Special Live Book Review: Linchpin by Seth Godin

Hello folks,

let me offer you  food for your souls before upcoming weekend.


More take aways from Seth’s Linchpin reading adventure are:

  • I have got to know Anne Jackson and I have even ordered her book for Kindle. She is truly awesome human being. Subscribe to her blog, too!
  • I have found out who is behind design of an iPod (I didn’t know it before). Watch interview with  Jonathan Ive. Such a humble gentleman…and even handsome;-) True Linchpin.
  • I have got to read breath-taking story about  Ed Sutt and his invention of live saving nails.
  • I have watched movie Memento, guys it is really super cool one, watch it carefully;-)
  • I have listened to the art of Keller Williams, check him out  here. Hilarious! He is for sure ignoring his lizard brain, when walking bare footed on the stage;-)
  • Inspiring was also story of Frank Elliason from ComCast and his Linchpin approach to using Twitter, watch his speech about “why brands should be on Twitter”, here.
  • I have also enjoyed video by Sandy Pentland from MIT, where he was talking about honest signals, which as Seth has also mentioned in the book, are the only signals that travel.

Slovak blog about Linchpin will be online within tomorrow, just check in at.



P.S.: Gosh, I thought I have not said a fraction of what I wanted to share and yet, video is 10 minutes long;-)I don’t understand how Chris Brogan could make Linchpin book review video in less than 2 minutes? But that’s what is super cool about life, we all have our own ways of shipping;-)  Thank you for your art, Chris;-)

[Video] Thoughts on Planning

Hi guys,

I didn’t have an idea that I will be shooting this video today, but morning’s Skype chat with my dear friend simply gave me impulse to sit in front of camera and record following 5 minutes.

He asked, me as many other people these days:

Ivana, do you have any plans at all?

My answer, is just click away.



P.S.: Even shooting this video was not planned, I have just felt it, did the best way I could and hopefully watching  it, made some of you – feel good;-)

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