[Video] Thoughts on Planning

Hi guys,

I didn’t have an idea that I will be shooting this video today, but morning’s Skype chat with my dear friend simply gave me impulse to sit in front of camera and record following 5 minutes.

He asked, me as many other people these days:

Ivana, do you have any plans at all?

My answer, is just click away.



P.S.: Even shooting this video was not planned, I have just felt it, did the best way I could and hopefully watching  it, made some of you – feel good;-)


  1. thanks Ivana
    I’m lot confused these days too.. i hope this will help me clear my mind and identify the calling of my heart and do it

    thanks again

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Vishal,
      you are welcome and let me know how you are doing.
      “stop the noise, hear the voice”

  2. Hi Ivana,

    Your video brought a smile to my face. It’s a joy to find like minds from around the world who are touching and enlightening others 🙂

    This year I have begun to transfer my work online and I plan on sharing what I have learned in the realm of personal growth and development and business. It seems we do similar work. I will subscribe and look forward to your updates.

    Cheers from Los Angeles, California!

  3. Ivana Sendecka says:

    Hey Kim!
    Wohoooo, new comment, new connection, new chance to enrich world with work we do!;-)
    I am so delighted to see you here!
    WOW, that is exciting to hear that you too, are moving to online “office” , please do share stories with US! I am subscribing to you too, right now;-)
    Have a super cool weekend in LA;-)

  4. Re “Act from Heart” – This is a good philosophy. It is only by taking risks that we learn….. Can’t remember who told me (could be my Dad, but then he could have pinched it from somewhere too!) “The person who never made a mistake never made anything!”

    I’m sure you are having a Super Cool Day!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Dave!
      Thanks a tons for comment and watching!;-)
      Welcome to the “super cool gang”.
      Seize your day, too!
      cheers from Poprad,


  1. […] accomplishing model, I have decided to re-post almost one year old video blog of mine with title “On Planning” which I have remembered when composing today’s […]

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