[Video] How I dared greatly at @TEDxNitra

IS at TEDxNitraHiya SCG,

it has been sometime since we have ‘met’ in this space. There have been plenty of reasons for my silence, however I am delighted to be back today. The following video sums up a 3 year long journey (some of you have been on with me also via this blog). In September 2012 I stood up on the TEDx stage in Nitra (Slovakia) and I shared what I have learned during the most challenging 3 years of my life (so far). I hope you will find in it at least one thing which will resonate with you. Remember, (R)evolution  Starts in the  Heart.    [Read more…]

Please meet SCG Vol.5 + Call to Action: #ISlunch

Hello SCG,

believe it or not, today we have crossed another milestone in #IS history. I has been two and half years ago, when I have blogged here for the first time. It has been an incredible ride and I would like to thank everyone who was on it with me. There are 68 new peeps in our SCG, who left comment on #IS and engaged in conversation. Are you among SCG-ers? Congrats! Not yet? It is easy, just talk to us and share your thoughts in comments. Curious who is in SCG? Jump right on SCG Vol. 5 slide-deck, which was composed with generous help of #IS readers: @SidraQasim and @FranzMilec. Those who truly care, check link with my call to action for upcoming 7 days: #ISlunch.

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[Video] Revealing One & Only Success in Public Speaking

Hello SCG,

yay, I am so excited to be back with video blog & in the same time, I am feeling bit scare & also much bigger responsibility towards you ->  cause numbers of readers, subscribers, SCG-ers are rising every single day, but that how it goes, right? -> when you ship art, you are intentionally & voluntarily making yourself vulnerable to the judgements of the world. So, here I am with the latest vlog, which will reveal to you one & only secret to success for your public speaking gig. ->  I came up with, after 20+ public speaking gigs I had within last 22 months. So, here we go! [Read more…]

[Guest][Video] Interview with Chief Happiness Officer

Hiya SCG,

I am proud to bring you first live video interview on Inspiring Shipments and I am even more honored that invitation for it, was accepted by Chief Happiness Officer – Alex Kjerulf. I had a privilege to see Alex live in action yesterday in Bratislava’s event organized by my friends from project Happy Company and he was absolutely mind blowing. I trust you will enjoy our talk!

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[Video] For Do-ers. Are You One, Too? Watch It, Then!

Hiya SCG,

following video was recorded for special request by “die hard fan” of Inspiring Shipments: Sidra Qasim who is true doer and leader. She  is organizing an event in Okara (Pakistan) ; “Youth Event for Helping Flood Victims”. How super cool is that? So, here is what I had to say to all passionate do-ers: [Read more…]

Read Only If You Care About Inspiring Shipments + [Video]


thank you for your patience! I trust your waiting will be rewarded. Following slides are for YOU! This is the best way how I could express how much your presence means to me:

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[Video] Trust Your Guts & Miracles Will Happen

Hiya SCG,

let the following blog + video reveal where did my intuition brought me.

Which part of the world did I end up to be ? What miracles am I talking about? Why will I remember 15th September 2010 till the end of my life?

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[Video] How To Transform Your “Nay-Sayers” Your Into Helpers


Yay, I am so glad to be back in moving pictures!Let me share with you today:

3 Ways you must can chose to follow, If you want to turn your “discouragers” into your helpers! 😉

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[Video] Question Of the Week #30

Hiya SCG,

1st of August is  a very special day for me. Why? Today, it is exactly one year since I have quit my job in Capgemini with this farewell speech. (Gosh, I did not know it was viewed over 14oo times on Youtube).

What were the most amazing things you have done in last 12 months and you are proud of it?

And what did I do in last one year? Here is my answer, which includes 8 kg lighter version of me 😉 LOL [Read more…]

[Video] How A Sincere Blog Can Make Your Dream Come True

Dear SCG!

Thank you so much for bearing with me a bit of “mute shipping time”! But I hope, that your patience will be rewarded after reading/watching this shipment.

Do you remember a blog post

How One Pair Of Eyes Have Changed My Life

(please read it in case you have missed it!)

It was about my friend Mohammed, who has taught me the most valuable lessons of my life. After posting the blog, I have sent a link of  it, to Mohammed and his sister by email and…

Guess what has happened?? [Read more…]

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