[Video] For Do-ers. Are You One, Too? Watch It, Then!

Hiya SCG,

following video was recorded for special request by “die hard fan” of Inspiring Shipments: Sidra Qasim who is true doer and leader. She  is organizing an event in Okara (Pakistan) ; “Youth Event for Helping Flood Victims”. How super cool is that? So, here is what I had to say to all passionate do-ers:

What I am excited about the most is, the fact that our community Super Cool Gang is not about talking or virtual blogging, but it is about taking real actions! I am so proud of boldness of Sidra and her passion to lead. You rock, young lady!


share with us, what actions did you take to take your parts of the world further? Have you tried to see the world around you with different lenses?

Share your stories & visions for better tomorrows with us.




  1. Hello,
    I really have tears in my eyes, dear.
    No words for your kindness and message.
    You make my evening 🙂
    Love you.

  2. Stuff, possessions and numbers with six digits are appealing and useful to a point.

    After that they become distractive.

    If you are a doer be smart by capitalizing on the lack of resources. Find ways to put that in favor of your mission. Make you game.

    You know when you are doing it right when your story is interesting to listen even when you can’t expose fancy stuff, possessions and six digits money.

    Doing interesting things is underrated.

    There are tons of social capital there (that you’ll need to open doors).

  3. Kallem Ullah says:

    Hi all,
    I’m Kallem & being a govt employee I know Govt is not doing much for the flood victims as it should. And what Sidra is doing is really wonderful. It is so good to know Sidra and her friends’s effort. As a Pakistani I feel proud of her & team.

    Ivana, keep encouraging ’em all. Thank you.

    • Salam Kallem!
      Welcome to our Super Cool Gang! Thank you for your 1st comment.
      We should certainly be proud of the initiative by Sidra and her team,
      I trust you too will add your “50 cents” into betterment of lives those around you.
      Thank you encouraging words!

  4. “whatever you see around you, it’s just the reflection of your inner world”…what do you mean by that?

    • Ciao Gabi,
      what I meant is this:
      How do you see yourself? Do you see potential you have within? Are you tapping into your passions? Are you confident about your talents? Can you inspire others by your own example – your hard work, passion, dedication?

      If yes, then you will see potential, talent in others around you too. You will have visions of better tomorrows.

      If you doubt yourself, when you are negative – world around you is gloomy and without perspective too…

      This is what I meant, that what we see around us, is just reflection of our inner world;=)

      • thank you for your explanation. it is more clear, but i feel like it is always so easy to talk about these things than actually do them, you know. what i mean is that what if i see potential in myself or what if i am passionate about things i do, but what if i do not know how to use it or where to start to make my life or my future better. well, i might have gone further than what you actually were talking about, so im gonna stop here.

    • oh, yes the doing part is what matters! and that is what differentiate remarkable performers from the rest of the people who will chose not to act.
      I bet you too are do-er Gabi!
      Face your own fears and overcome it!

  5. Peter Hanula says:

    I have an idea, how to improve your video blog posts. I think, you should make an transcript (retype what you said in video). Why? Because sometimes I want to read IS on mobile devices or on the go. And I can not watch video, whatever reason but I would like to know what are you talking about. And second, more important is, that not everybody is so good in English, that he or she understand what are you talking about. So I thing, those people would appreciate the ability to read transcript.


    • Hi Peter,
      brilliant idea!
      Why, don’t you lead by example and prepare few transcripts from already existing videos?
      That would be super cool demonstration of: stop complaining, start doing.
      What say you?

      • Peter Hanula says:

        Few more coffees could fix the time problem (sleeping sucks) 🙂 Do it “wikipedia way” sounds like brilliant idea. So, I will take a look 🙂

  6. I’m a fan of the saying that “you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution.”

    Doing over complaining is the way to go.

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