12th Lesson from NGLS#2: “Slovakia Has Got Talent!”

Hey SCG,

how did your week went by? Mine was pretty hectic filled with face to face meetings with inspiring #NGLS-ers and those meetings “forced” me to add one more lesson from NGLS #2 Conference.

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11 Lessons from NGLS #2 Conference

Hiya SCG,

How are you doing? I missed you a lot I must admit! It is just 3 days since 2nd NGLS Conference, which was another dream come true experience. I am still recovering from very positive emotional exhaustion. It all felt like a movie. I have tears of gratitude in my eyes even now, when typing this shipment…Oh, my… Thank you all who made NGLS reality. Thank ya’ll! Folks, I would like to share with you 11 lessons, which NGLS #2 taught me:

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World’s Premiere of “What If…?” Talk


yesterday (1 Dec) I have delivered the world’s premiere of a presentation with title: What If? (Everything You Were Taught To Do Was Totally Wrong). I spoke to students who are engaged in non-profit organization PRC (Consulting & Development Centre for start ups) and are attending my Alma Mater – Faculty of Management. Let me share with you slide-deck, which have supported my 90 minutes long talk.

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[Video] For Do-ers. Are You One, Too? Watch It, Then!

Hiya SCG,

following video was recorded for special request by “die hard fan” of Inspiring Shipments: Sidra Qasim who is true doer and leader. She  is organizing an event in Okara (Pakistan) ; “Youth Event for Helping Flood Victims”. How super cool is that? So, here is what I had to say to all passionate do-ers: [Read more…]

[Guest] Adora Svitak exclusively for “Super Cool Gang”

Adora speaking at TEDYay SCG,

I am so excited to present another special guest in our “cyber – home”.

Dear Super Cool Gang-ers let us give warm welcome to <*clap your hands*>

Adora Svitak

Yes, it is the same young lady who has given jaw-dropping speech at TED about What adults can learn from kids.

Adora is a brilliant example that age does not matter, when you decide to make difference in the world, the only thing which matters it the action you take.

I am grateful, that Adora was kind enough to find time in her busy schedule & she has answered following interview questions!

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[Video] Experience NOT Age Matters

Hello Super Cool Gang,

I believe you are kicking off this week with high spirits! 😉

Today, I am “On Super Cool Gang’s Air” with topic, which bothers me for a long time and that is:  AGE

Age is very often one of the discrimination factor and here is why I think it SHOULD NOT BE!

Watch adorable Adora Svitak speaking her heart out at TED.

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Rules are useless if you do not take action

At the end of NGLS workshop, three randomly picked participants have been interviewed. My first question was for Peter Hegedúš and I have asked him, following question:

What new did you learn during NGLS workshop?

I was astonished by Peter’s reply!

Video is in Slovak, so I will translate it into English:

I have been taught that leadership has set rules which one who wants to be leader need to follow. But I have realized it is not truth. Rules are useless, if  you are not taking action. I should take action, and by it the rules will be set and I will become leader. Then I can lead the change or any activity which is meaningful and I see purpose in it.

(Peter is 20 years old, student fromVeľký Krtíš, in Slovakia)


Pravidlá sú na nič pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť

Na záver NGLS workshopu, sme urobili interview s tromi náhodne vybratými účastníkmi. Prvá otázka smerovala na Petra Hegedúša. Moja otázka znela:

Čo nového ste sa počas NGLS workshopu naučili?

Bola som očarená Petrovou odpoveďou.

Myslel som si, že leadership má určité pravidlá  a bez toho nedokážem byť dobrým lídrom. Ale som zistil, že to vôbec nie je tak, lebo pravidlá sú na nič, pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť. To znamená, že tým že začnem niečo konať, si vlastne vytvorím tie pravidlá, tým sa naučím byť lídrom a vlastne viesť tú zmenu alebo nejakú aktivitu v ktorej vidím zmysel.

(Peter, je študent, má 20rokov a je z Veľkého Krtíša)

::End, which Got Me to Begin.

Hello, folks!

What end? Which beginning? Who is “me” in the title?

Let me answer you, then:

This end: a voluntary choice to quit attractive career and exchange it for pursuing a dream.

This beginning: of the  journey, when serving my best & following the bliss.

Who is me? Just click through the pages on this freshly made site, which I have prepared for you to introduce myself a bit.

Thank you for stopping by at my 1st post, here.

Watch out, more to come shortly!



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