World’s Premiere of “What If…?” Talk


yesterday (1 Dec) I have delivered the world’s premiere of a presentation with title: What If? (Everything You Were Taught To Do Was Totally Wrong). I spoke to students who are engaged in non-profit organization PRC (Consulting & Development Centre for start ups) and are attending my Alma Mater – Faculty of Management. Let me share with you slide-deck, which have supported my 90 minutes long talk.

You can view this slide-deck on Slideshare

We had a great laugh, but we had also pretty serious moments


what say you? Which “pill” would you pick, blue or red? Are you also living in “what if” universe? How is your world and life in it? Do you wish to step into a new “matrix” too? What is stopping you from doing so?

Hugs from exhausted shipper in snowy Bratislava,



  1. Well done Ivana! This is a shining presentation indeed – one that deserves to been seen by ALL young people (and old or in the middle people too, for that matter!)
    Thanks for deciding to change the world.

  2. Wonderful, you explained everything.
    As usual amazing.
    Thanks for inspiring.

  3. You rock! As usual.
    Nothing can inspire a person more than these ‘What if’ slides and obviously YOU!
    Keep on rocking!

  4. Peter Csík says:

    Hi Ivana,

    the presentation was good – something new, interesting. BUT! I am still missing the point of it. Why should I ask “What if”question? …just because of being happy, enjoying everything (good as well as bad) in life?

    • Ahoj Peto,
      those are questions for yourself not me.
      I am not telling anyone what to do, nor I am acting like I should be telling people what to do. I offer alternative and example of my journey. If you like it, get inspired and act, if not carry on with your own path;-)
      why you do what you do? what choices do you make? how you want to lead your life? all of that is your job to figure out.
      Happy journey

  5. Hi Miss Ivana,
    Firstly , I don’t want to give u more appreciation like “Well done , Awesome,Amazing, Good , Rocking etc” , Because I think the great appreciation is, “Your Listeners Understands what you want to SAY and THINK about it .” ….Now,
    After reading your slides , I get a lot from them .. e-g Writing and the presentational style of your slides, To attract your audience using Visual aids and MOST IMPORTANTLY your presentation topic WHAT-IF ….


    1) There is a lot of thinking and meaning behind the visual aids .. My Question is, WHY you used Reddish Pill for “Adventure of Creativity” and bluish pill for “Safety of Boredom” (Slide 53/81) ???

    2) Why you taped your picture with your laptop ??? You will think ,how funny question is this ? … (Slide 61/81)

    ::Slides I liked the most::

    1)Your socks …;) 😀 😀 (Slide 65/81)
    2)Good news … (Slide 52/81)
    3) Five star slide(*****) —> (Slide 72/81)

    Best of Luck and I hope you’ll keep continue your journey…. 🙂 … and Thanks for sharing …

    @101itguru ..

    • 😉
      Hi Issi,
      thanks for your long and curious comment;-)
      @blue and red pill: that is picture from movie Matrix, it is an icon and movie classic scene
      @me & my laptop: because that is from where I work and it corresponds with what I wanted to say, that this is my new office;-)
      @my socks: I am glad you like it;-)

      Thanks for such deep analysis of the slide-deck!

  6. Well, I will go over the slide-deck once again, but I have to tell, that you just once again stood up to your standards! Amazing presentation – the structure, the ideas and the painting itself! Awesome!

    • 😉 Thanks Marek!
      I am glad you can see the work behind this slide-deck, this one was even longer than the one for AIESEC, so you can imagine how long I was painting it;-)
      And thanks for spreading the word!

  7. Totally amazing, as expected. 😉

    I am sure, it has made many to think.

  8. Beautiful stuff. I like the “bodyguard your dreams.” So true.

  9. Tomas Kuracina says:

    I am speechless..thank you for inspiring us! I’m touched

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