(Y)our Mediocre Work Affects Whole Country or Why Slovakia Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

Hiya SCG,

you might have noticed pretty modest amount of my shipping and insights this week. It was caused by very intensive 3 days, which moved me and transformed me again. I will not go into details much, as I am still digesting lessons learned from it and how it has affected me. But briefly, I have turned down assignment and have given up couple of thousands Euro of income for next month, because I could not risk my name and credibility to deliver work, which is not top-notch. (requirement was to do it “just like that”…)

Am I insane? No! We Are Insane!

We are absolutely insane, if we are expecting to get different results, when doing same thing over and over. Am I insane, that I have said no? Many would say a loud yes and would happily ship mediocre work and then cash the money. What a big deal, right?Well, I believe it is a huge deal!

FYI: Your work affects more people than you can imagine.

Accepting to be mediocre and complaint decision maker (every job you do, you are a decision maker in it, you decide how you will deliver your art) , is doing so much harm to you, people around you, organization you work in and whole society and even to a whole nation; that is why title of this shipment says that Slovakia Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late.

How can your work affect whole country?

Life cycle of national damage caused by mediocrity can go like this:

-> management designs a product which is not having proper features, which does not solve any customer’s problem (but plan is full filled, product will be rolled out)

-> compliant marketing department cannot (does not) want to see its flaws (what for the hassle, let it go live)

-> sales people receive mediocre training for pitching this product and of course crazy targets for selling it

-> c ustomers (us) are bombarded by yet another direct mail and we are interrupted by listening to prescribed phone calls about this unprepared product, which we don’t need

-> this level of service and quality of a product will become standard on the market

-> whole country is thinking it is OK and that we have to accept it as a standard….

We Have A Problem and We Are Part of the Solution

If you have found yourself in any stage of the process above, you are responsible for outcome as well! Keeping quiet and not speaking up about possibilities to improve whole process is the worst thing you can do. Seeing “wrongness” and not saying it loud is foundation of for very blurry future and for many passionate professionals it is an exit sign to leave Slovakia, ASAP…

What Happens When You Speak Up and Say: “Emperor is naked!”

Expect silence or offense. I did speak up, when I have been composing for 4 hours a long email with conclusions and recommendations for improving the situation for the client.  I have not heard from them since and I doubt I will ever have. Be prepared for it, no change happens over night, but li ttle seed of a change was planted.

You still might think I am totally out of my mind to invest 3 full days of my life, give away for free consulting report, which other consultants would charge fat fees for and be totally exhausted after 3 days on the road and from all of the emotional labor I gave into it.

Why did I Do That All This “Non-Sense”?

Because, mission I am on is far greater than myself and if Slovakia, will not start to care  and show its people other ways we are doomed… If companies will not care about their employees, then employees will not give a damn about their customers, and then upset customers will be very unpleasant to be around for their close people – unhappy, bitter nation is not a way for Slovakia’s sustainable growth based on true values.

We must save almost extinct professional artists in Slovakia, before they will run away from here, because they are in hazard to survive, here…

I and Slovakia need your help!

We have so much talent and potential lying here in dust, let’s dust out our lost national spirit!

And I am prepared to be misunderstood.


SCG, who will join me on this journey?

And, if you know about clients who have guts to appreciate art, do let me know.

Thank you for reading this shipment.



  1. Peter Csík says:

    Ahoj Ivana,

    toto znie ako politická agitácia. Z môjho pohľadu stále viac a viac si svoje aktivity zakladáš na tom, že tu na Slovensku je niečo zlé. Úplne na tom buduješ svoje meno. …čo by si robila, ak by to “zlo” zrazu zmizlo? Čím by si potom bola? …začínaš chápať pointu? ZLO chceš odstrániť svojim DOBROM. …ty vlastne bez toho ZLA nevieš existovať, si na ňom, tvoja práca závislá. Uvedomuješ si to?

    • Hello Peter,
      (note: I would appreciate if you would comment in English next time)
      Let me translate your comment for others into English:

      Hi Ivana,
      it sounds like political agitation. In my opinion you are more and more basing your activities on the fact, that there is something wrong in Slovakia. You are building your name on it. What would you do, if that ” bad” would disappear? Who would you be? Are you getting the point? You want to erase “Bad” with your Goodness. You cannot even exist without the evil, your work is dependent on it. Are you aware of it?

      end of Peter’s comment:

      My response is: Thank you for your opinion, Peter.

    • Hello Peto!

      Yes you are right, that Ivanais trying to SOLVE something “wrong/bad”. And that is a normal and natural life reality. There’s always been and will be jin and jang, black & white, right and wrong. Honestly, they can’t of course exist without each other, because they complete each other. The question for every one of us in this situation is which “side” you will chose – “don’t give a damn, because bad/wrong will always be there” or “let’s do at least my piece to change it”…

  2. This is one of the best arguments I’ve ever read on why we should do our best in ANY job that we have – we are affecting far more people than we can see in our immediate view. It’s the domino effect. So the question is not “why should I do this job?”, but if I am going to or if I must do this job for whatever reason, “how can I do it most effectively by bringing my own personal gifts and passions to the table?” Too often we stay complacent and do sloppy work just for the money or because we “have to” – which benefits no one. Better to offer a more inspiring alternative or, hard as it may be, say no to mediocrity as you did and move on to put your energy and talents in a place where they can serve the world in a way that matters (and uplift your soul in the process).

    • Thank you Tisha!
      I am sure you too act in such aware matter and uplift standards around you!
      I am so glad, there are more and more of us in this world and I hope to make it to NYC in 2011, so I will be able to give you huge hug for all your kindness!

  3. Excellent, ” ..mission I am on is far greater than myself.. “

    I’m with you with all my energy.

    You know Ivana, yesterday a global change-maker wrote to me, “Waqas you are HERO.” I believe IS has contributed a lot to shape greatness in me and we’re on our way to change the world. Thank you for everything.

    PS. Yes we(SCG) are prepared to be misunderstood. 😉

    • My dear Waqas,
      believe me, that your presence on my and #IS journey plus your passion to act with integrity is keeping me going! You, Sidra, Balal are true examples of linchpins who ship, however tough and discouraging your environment is.
      Together, we will join our energies and I am confident that we will leave a dent in this universe.
      We are already doing so!

  4. Peter Csík says:

    Inspiring Shipments = IS = I. S. = Ivana Sendecka?

  5. Peter Csík says:

    “Life cycle of national damage” – for you it is a problem and you look for a possible solution. For me it is a great opportunity:P

    “…a way for Slovakia’s sustainable growth based on true values.” Ivana, do you want to tell me (us) what are the true values? …and the word “Slovakia” is simply an illusion just as “UK, USA, Venezuela…” Who, what are Slovakia…? And you want to see how this illusion is growing:-)

    You are still missing the point. You are silly and I enjoy it 😛

  6. Hi Ivana!
    Thanks for the post. It made me think about myself and my daily work approach & how I may influence all around me through that. Good luck in going on on your path!

    • Thank you, Marek.
      I am sure there is plenty of space for you to see opportunities, where you can make difference!
      Stay aware and conscious, even small acts of kindness can have greater impact that you can imagine!
      I trust you are capturing your thoughts in your journal!;-)

  7. “Because, mission I am on is far greater than myself and if Slovakia, will not start to care and show its people other ways we are doomed…”

    I’d add: Slovakia you’re not alone. That happens everywhere.

    Something incredible happens when people turns off their automatic mode: they start to recognize true perceptions of their surroundings and think critically about those.

    The emperor is naked! OMG how we didn’t saw it before?

    Because you all (I’m talking to you: people that doesn’t listen people like Ivana) were in “automatic mode on” so you weren’t controlling the chances of your true potential and you’re letting your fear and resistance to subjugate you (as usual).

    It doesn’t matter if you have assets compromised from the past and that is keeping you from doing great stuff. The people you want to affect positively with you new product is not going to care much about your product because they will perceive in the signals of the campaign and the product’s design and your team’s morale, that your emperor is naked and you don’t truly care about the consumer the way they need you.

  8. We are with you on this journey. And obviously, till the end.

    A salute to the greatness of your mission!

  9. Tomas Kuracina says:

    I am with you too on this journey 😉 I think I can understand why you have turned down that assignment. And that thoughts about how we influence far more than we think..it is super true now in the internet and information based world

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