Question Of The Week #49

Hiya SCG,

this is 175th shipment (blog post) on Inspiring Shipments (#IS) and that is why I would like to ask you:

“Which are your top 3 shipments from #IS, which have resonated with you the most (so far)?”


Feel free to share reasons why did you select those 3 blogs: Why did you pick those 3 shipments? What have changed after you have read/watched  it? How did you feel?

I rarely give instructions, so bear with me today. Please leave comments in this format:

1st place: link or title of the shipment you liked the most + few words on why you have picked it

2nd place: link or title of the shipment + few words on why you have chosen it

3rd place: link or title of the shipment + few words on your reason why

I cannot wait to find out about your favorite shipments.


P.S.: Based on your votes, I will announce elected Top 3 Shipments on #IS in 2010.


  1. “What if” – It makes you think about the things you have never thought of.

    “Slovakia needs to wake up before its too late” – This post actually showed that you care about your surroundings. And you want to leave your marks on this place

    “And the first Linchpin Meet up one” – Well while reading that post i actually had tears in eyes. I still remember you were alone marching with a banner (or a it was a flag?). It always starts with one. As goes a beautiful quote ” A journey of thousand miles starts with the first step”.

    I hope the titles are correct. 🙂

    Keep rocking!

  2. Hi 🙂
    This is the 3rd post that I will try to input with links. I am curious, how it works out 🙂

    Let me state, that in your blog it is for me visible, that the experience and right attitude bring improvement. All your posts have been unique and interesting. But somehow, some of the more recent works are for me the top 🙂

    Sooooo, my top3 are:
    1. Do you keep journal? because it made me act right after reading it. I have kept writing journal entries from then onwards.
    2. What do you love about future? because it re-assured me in believing, that I form my future, and that NOW is the right time for everything.
    3. What if? because it was to the point, intriguing question, that challenges the status-quo.

    Actually, I did not like this question of “Select your top3”, because it’s just something I usually do not like to do, to select top, best, most powerful… But, it at least gave me the chance to go through the whole index of your blog, find the posts that I did not read yet, remember the ones I have and forgot a bit and reinforce the ones, that I read and acted based on.

    And the most important point for me from this question is QUESTIONS ARE THE BEST ADVICES . I actually am working on one slidedeck for this topic, hope it will work out as I imagine 😉

    Cheers to all of you, SCGers!

    • Hiya Marek,
      I am so grateful for your effort to ship blog posts, which you remember the most.
      Yes, I agree with you on lists and all of it, but as you have said, it made you stop and think over, which are the most influential and why. Plus you went through some older posts, which is great gift for me, for all the sweat and hours I have put into #IS and all of us-SCG;-)

      HUG and thank you for spreading word.

  3. oh yeeeah, the links work 🙂

  4. Peter Csík says:

    Hi Ivana,

    have you ever noticed that all of your thoughts have not been yours? You do not know yourself at all. You act on your surface. You lie to yourself that you are happy.

    • Hello Peto,
      not sure, which part of your comment is answer to the question of the week.
      I guess none. However, thank you for taking time for sharing all your “positivity”. We- SCGers are here to help you and whenever you feel #IS is not right place for you, feel free to chose more suitable platform, which will serves you.
      Peace out.

  5. Statistics and Numbers Which Matters : We got in SCG 1st volume. 😉

    How A Sincere Blog Can Make Your Dream Come True: I loved this incredible moment and awesome trip of yours. This is clear example of what can genuine relations result into.

    Read Only If You Care About Inspiring Shipments: This post is great overview of what #IS is actually resulting.

    Ivana it was a difficult question, as each post is it’s own value & magic. #IS is indispensable for me. Keep shiping! HUG HUG!

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