Question Of the Week #2

Hiya SCG,

firstly, I want to thank you for your exhausting comments on Question Of the Week #1. That is what I call truly rocket take off in 2011!;-) Let’s carry on this week & share your answers  on 2nd #QOW:

What poster(s) do/did you have on the wall(s) of your room or a dorm room?


can you recall what was a decor of your childhood or teenage room(s)? What super stars were you looking at before closing your eyes? Why did you admire that person/people/movie character etc.? Do you have any posters on the wall now?

I will confess that in my case it was clear: Michael Jordan, then Michael Jordan and some more Michael Jordan;-) I still adore this basketball genius & he will be my hero forever.

I cannot wait to “meet” your heroes.




  1. My current posters are:
    1) Huge map of the world… because I admire our planet 🙂
    2) London Tube Map… very handy.
    3) Cockpit of Boeing 777… so complicated.
    4 to many) hundreds of postcards from my travels and greeting / wishes from my friends… because I don’t have the heart to put them in a box.

  2. I don’t have anything there, it would be just another distraction. But if I should put one there, it would be poster of Erik Mongrain. His music is out if this world, every one of his song is beautiful. Nobody has ever done anything even close to his style of music. And that guitar (Elora), that’s a piece of art by itself.

  3. Rastislav Bednar says:

    I have never had a poster on my wall until I got a new room stuff. From that day I have three poster which are hanging on my wall. All three poster are collage of some pictures.

    1. Is collage of my favorit guitar GOD John Petrucci from Dream Theater
    2. Are Led Zeppelin which were my favorit band of all times when I was younger
    3. Are Pink Floyd band, which were the main reason for me to start playing on guitar. Aspecialy David Gilmour was my guitar guru whos helped me to develop my new passion 😉

    PS: the fourth poster (posters) are hanging on Blava streets just now 😉

  4. I have only one poster:

  5. I had a poster of beautiful wet lands of Pakistan, but later I got to change the room.

    You have made me think about it, let me have one soon. 😉

  6. Tomas Kuracina says:

    What a nice question, I should rather take a picture of my small room..or this can be very long comment 😀
    1. past – As a child I had a lot of stuff on my wall..posters with themes like lego, cycling, cars, actors, cars, actresses, did I mention cars?? :D, bodybuilders and cars..
    and I had a map of Slovakia on the wall where I was looking at it all day so I knew every village and everything in Slovakia back then 🙂
    poster of Nissan 350Z on the door
    calendar with 18+ stuff on the door (don’t ask me for details :D)
    calendar with cars on the other side of the door
    now on the wall..
    poster of Collegium Musicum – the best Slovak rock band ever
    poster of Tublatanka – the 2nd best Slovak rock band ever
    A2 painting of Porsche Carrera GT painted by my dad
    A4 painting of Lamborghini Murcielago done by me
    A4 painting of Nissan 350Z done by me
    A4 specifications page of Nissan 350Z
    1000 pieces puzzle of Ferrari 355 Spider
    1000 pieces puzzle of beatiful mountains
    poster of Steven Seagal which is my hero..why? I like Steven Seagal and his movies because of the core values he represents there. Character, integrity, justice, honour, determination, focus, self-confidence, being expert in his field, effort, devotion..
    A4 painting on papyrus
    Panorama photo of Predajna, the village where my parents come from and the place which we love

    The best part in the end – I have a vision board with pictures of things (cars) that I want to achieve, but I need to get together another one 🙂

    I hope this is proper answer to this QOW and if you are still reading this..thank you for your patience 🙂

  7. 🙂
    when i was younger I didnt have posters on my wall… only once – for a while I had poster of singer Natalia Oreiro (its like ages ago… 🙂 )

    and now? Im one of those people, that like change, so my room is somehow still in progress 🙂
    but at this time I have here
    1.”wall” with lot of postcards from friends, places around the world I was, some quotes, things I wanna remember…
    2. some of my paintings here
    3. photos of my friends
    4. big BEATLES calendar
    5. one of my favorite phrase from the Bible (1 kor 13)
    6. poem from “Lord of the rings” (by J.R.R. Tolkien)

  8. Hey Ivana,

    What a nice question 🙂

    During my summer 2003 I decided I want to go to study to Sweden. So since 2nd year at the Uni there would be always a huge map of Sweden hanging right above my bed, always decorated with loads of pictures of my friends (looking at smiling people I ❤ always makes me feel better plus they were a little hint for all the awesome memories). I was always talking about Sweden, how much I want to go there and happily answered all the questions asked regarding it. I made it there in the 4th grade and makeing this dream come true felt really awesome! I had a great semester, learned a lot, met many great new people and in the end even wrote my Master thesis about Sweden 😀

    Have a lovely day.

    • And now in our flat I have in living room huge framed pics of New York, combined with big pics from Asia and framed interesting photographs from different countries I visited. Besides it is a big framed roll with pictures of me and my friends – Now when I think of it it definitely remained from the early years :).
      Hall has framed copies of Lichtenstein and Andy warhol, Bedroom lots of meadow flowers (reminds me home sweet Slovakia) and office/play room is full of Simpson posters, framed funny photos of my boyfriend and a huge Albert Einstein riding a bike poster.

      Happy times!

      • Yey, Andrea, that is brilliant collection.
        I am just wondering, if you are having pics of NYC in your room, does that mean it is your next dream destination (same motivation function as you had with Sweden pics?)
        Simpsons rocks, indeed!;-)

      • Hehe, nice point … I made it to New York last year in May for the 1st time ever. Actually indeed, posters were there beforehand and I wanted to go soo bad. Now = CHECK 😀
        From the ones I have not been yet and which are hanging there Hong Kong is the one left … hmmm … what does this say to me? 🙂

  9. I have the signed Linchpin poster given to everyone who went to Seth Godin’s launch for Linchpin.

  10. I have a creepy A Clockwork Orange poster and that’s it… but I buy vintage vinyl records with pretty cover arts (e.g. Kraftwer – Autobahn) on eBay and I put those on display 🙂

  11. Such a good question for reminding our childhood 🙂

    So, I was living with my sister in one room and she is 9 years older than me so I remember posters like: Nirvana- everywhere 🙂 but also we have big wall paper on the wall and she created her own poster with many photos, pictures and some motto 🙂

    But then I created my own wallpaper with poster of Spice Girls :), Johny Depp, Jana Kirschner and with many postcards which I received.
    I really liked it because it was something where you can put everything what you wanna and you can see it everytime- mostly photos and your favourite singers.

    Then we have to paint the wall so I didn´t put it back on the wall 🙂 I grew up but now I have small wall of my favourite things near my table 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂


  12. Spiderman, Superman, and Batman just always seemed to be there for me in one way or another.

    I liked that Superman was above and beyond, yet vulnerable. I thought Spiderman was just too cool as a Web-slinger. And, I thought what was neat about Batman was that he had all his gizmos and gadgets, as well as his brain and brawn to solve problems.

    Now I draw from a lot of heroes. I like the people that test the limits of what’s possible and move the bar higher. Bruce Lee comes to mind. So does Walt Disney. I’m also a fan of the Shaolin Monks.

  13. hhehe i had PITT , CRUISE, NIRVANA,BEAT GENERATION and socccccer wall of course ( DEL PIERO, VAN BASTEN, AND VAIN MEEEEEEEE ETC)


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