[Video] Greeting & Upcoming News On #IS

Hiya SCG-ers,

just short & sweet for today. Hear me out about what is going on.

So, to wrap my talk up:

1. #NGLS is about to kick off – for updates follow www.ngls.sk or tweets @LeadersSlovakia, so bear with my online absence on #IS 😉 However we will be streaming a lot of cool stuff from NGLS.

2. Inspiring Shipments (#IS) has appointed its 4 Ambassadors – they will be announced and introduced within next week! Curious to know, who they are? I will give you a hint: Z, M, S, W are their first names letters;-)

3. There is a new series and space for your voice coming up: each month there will be one of you having a chance to be a guest shipper as SCG-er for #IS. First SCG-er’s post will be published on Thursday 20th Jan. Stay tuned.

Rock ‘n roll, folks!



  1. Good! #IS is going to expand more, would love to see more people at inspiring others.

    • 😉 Yes, there are tons of talented artists out there!;-) Those are such exciting time and I am so proud to have peeps like you around.
      As I said before 2011 is OUR year! OUR = those who dare to ship their art;=)


  1. […] that is by announcing identities of our four amazing Ambassadors for Inspiring Shipments (#IS). As I have mentioned before, I will do my best to make #IS our stage with space for you to share your ideas with the world, […]

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