12th Lesson from NGLS#2: “Slovakia Has Got Talent!”

Hey SCG,

how did your week went by? Mine was pretty hectic filled with face to face meetings with inspiring #NGLS-ers and those meetings “forced” me to add one more lesson from NGLS #2 Conference.

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11 Lessons from NGLS #2 Conference

Hiya SCG,

How are you doing? I missed you a lot I must admit! It is just 3 days since 2nd NGLS Conference, which was another dream come true experience. I am still recovering from very positive emotional exhaustion. It all felt like a movie. I have tears of gratitude in my eyes even now, when typing this shipment…Oh, my… Thank you all who made NGLS reality. Thank ya’ll! Folks, I would like to share with you 11 lessons, which NGLS #2 taught me:

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[Video] Greeting & Upcoming News On #IS

Hiya SCG-ers,

just short & sweet for today. Hear me out about what is going on.

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Shout Out for Do-ers from Slovakia. Join us in 8 days!

Hiya SCG-ers,

I believe you will forgive me “PR-ry” like shipment for today. The reason for this unusual content is that, 2nd NGLS Conference is literally knocking on the door and I believe that there are still some ears out there who might miss, what a great event we are cooking for Slovakia; see full Agenda.

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NGLS Is Having Its New Home 2.0 – www.ngls.sk

Hiya SCG,

I wanted to share with you a joy of making another shipment reality. Thanks to great support of the coolest company I know in Slovakia – Websupport. #NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) is having its new home – www.ngls.sk. Rest is said there.

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Rules are useless if you do not take action

At the end of NGLS workshop, three randomly picked participants have been interviewed. My first question was for Peter Hegedúš and I have asked him, following question:

What new did you learn during NGLS workshop?

I was astonished by Peter’s reply!

Video is in Slovak, so I will translate it into English:

I have been taught that leadership has set rules which one who wants to be leader need to follow. But I have realized it is not truth. Rules are useless, if  you are not taking action. I should take action, and by it the rules will be set and I will become leader. Then I can lead the change or any activity which is meaningful and I see purpose in it.

(Peter is 20 years old, student fromVeľký Krtíš, in Slovakia)


Pravidlá sú na nič pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť

Na záver NGLS workshopu, sme urobili interview s tromi náhodne vybratými účastníkmi. Prvá otázka smerovala na Petra Hegedúša. Moja otázka znela:

Čo nového ste sa počas NGLS workshopu naučili?

Bola som očarená Petrovou odpoveďou.

Myslel som si, že leadership má určité pravidlá  a bez toho nedokážem byť dobrým lídrom. Ale som zistil, že to vôbec nie je tak, lebo pravidlá sú na nič, pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť. To znamená, že tým že začnem niečo konať, si vlastne vytvorím tie pravidlá, tým sa naučím byť lídrom a vlastne viesť tú zmenu alebo nejakú aktivitu v ktorej vidím zmysel.

(Peter, je študent, má 20rokov a je z Veľkého Krtíša)

[Video] True beauty of Slovak people — Naozajstná krása Slovákov

Almost three weeks since 1st NGLS event has passed, I have decided to share with you very special moments.

Song Man in the mirror has powerful lyrics and this tune was my personal anthem for the whole time of  NGLS lonely preparation.

After keynote speech , I have just played the song and spontaneously did what I have done.

No money in the world, no paycheck would be able to express the value of sincere hugs, energy and spirit of the people.  Slovakia has bright future with people like this.


Uplynuli takmer tri týždne od prvého NGLS podujatia a ja som sa rozhodla podeliť sa s vami o špeciálnu chvílu, ktorú som zažila. Pieseň Muž v zrkadle má veľmi “silný” myšlienky-provokujúci text a tento song bol mojou osobnou hymnou počas osamelého  pripravovania NGLS.

Po záverečnej reči, som zahrala túto pesničku a spontánne som urobila čo som urobila.

Žiadne peniaze na svete,  žiadna výplata by nevedela  vyčísliť hodnotu úprimných objatí,  tú energiu a krásu ľudskej duše. Slovensko  má úžasnú budúcnosť s takýmito ľudmi.

The answer for FAQ of these days;-)

Yes, it has been already two weeks since NGLS project has finished by its 1st historical gathering in Poprad and two days of  intensive interactive workshop with next generation leaders of Slovakia.

Mind blowing emotional experiences were the main characteristics of the most formative time of not only my life.  Friends from all over the world expressed their joy of the NGLS success. And I have sat for 2 days, sending emails all over the world to people who has inspired me without them even knowing me. Seth Godin, Garr Raynolds, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jim Kousez and many others. * (they all know, as they have got email from me)


I have just finished reading book by Gary Vaynerchuck > Crush It!, which is must read for every teacher and kid in Slovakia, but I am afraid they have no idea about its existence at all. I will do my bit of  “enlightenment” for sure!

Many people are asking me now, what are your next steps? What are you going to work on now? Are you going to have a proper job finally?

Quote by Seth Godin is sticking in my head:

The reason why they want you to fit in, is that once you do, they can ignore you then.

So, I am just gonna Crush It, as desire to send the message forward about what I carry in my heart and head is burning in me.

Stay tuned!



[Video] This Is It!

What more to add… Silence is loud.

One week since the first NGLS event it is still hard for me to find words.

The Beginning…

Love lives forever.




[Video] The most formative time of my life

In my previous post, you have seen the slide deck of my final speech at NGLS event.
Now, you can watch it in moving pictures as well. Part One is about how was 6 months of tons of “sweat equity” transformed into life changing 2 days workshop. Part Two are lessons learned I wanted to share with you.

…I am just so grateful for everything…

Future cannot be predicted, but it can be influenced…

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