[Video] True beauty of Slovak people — Naozajstná krása Slovákov

Almost three weeks since 1st NGLS event has passed, I have decided to share with you very special moments.

Song Man in the mirror has powerful lyrics and this tune was my personal anthem for the whole time of  NGLS lonely preparation.

After keynote speech , I have just played the song and spontaneously did what I have done.

No money in the world, no paycheck would be able to express the value of sincere hugs, energy and spirit of the people.  Slovakia has bright future with people like this.


Uplynuli takmer tri týždne od prvého NGLS podujatia a ja som sa rozhodla podeliť sa s vami o špeciálnu chvílu, ktorú som zažila. Pieseň Muž v zrkadle má veľmi “silný” myšlienky-provokujúci text a tento song bol mojou osobnou hymnou počas osamelého  pripravovania NGLS.

Po záverečnej reči, som zahrala túto pesničku a spontánne som urobila čo som urobila.

Žiadne peniaze na svete,  žiadna výplata by nevedela  vyčísliť hodnotu úprimných objatí,  tú energiu a krásu ľudskej duše. Slovensko  má úžasnú budúcnosť s takýmito ľudmi.


  1. You bet u will do everything with people who believe’s in your opinion like me, Ron, Tom, John and many of other people who know you what you are doing here.
    I trust you and that is most important thing for me now. And I hope, BELIEVE in something (NGLS, man in the mirror, change), is the best way to do your life purpose.
    I believe in you…thx 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      wow, Rasto I am so grateful for such words and I will do my utmost best to fulfill my purpose. Slovakia’s future is in OUR hands

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