Rules are useless if you do not take action

At the end of NGLS workshop, three randomly picked participants have been interviewed. My first question was for Peter Hegedúš and I have asked him, following question:

What new did you learn during NGLS workshop?

I was astonished by Peter’s reply!

Video is in Slovak, so I will translate it into English:

I have been taught that leadership has set rules which one who wants to be leader need to follow. But I have realized it is not truth. Rules are useless, if  you are not taking action. I should take action, and by it the rules will be set and I will become leader. Then I can lead the change or any activity which is meaningful and I see purpose in it.

(Peter is 20 years old, student fromVeľký Krtíš, in Slovakia)


Pravidlá sú na nič pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť

Na záver NGLS workshopu, sme urobili interview s tromi náhodne vybratými účastníkmi. Prvá otázka smerovala na Petra Hegedúša. Moja otázka znela:

Čo nového ste sa počas NGLS workshopu naučili?

Bola som očarená Petrovou odpoveďou.

Myslel som si, že leadership má určité pravidlá  a bez toho nedokážem byť dobrým lídrom. Ale som zistil, že to vôbec nie je tak, lebo pravidlá sú na nič, pokiaľ človek nezačne niečo robiť. To znamená, že tým že začnem niečo konať, si vlastne vytvorím tie pravidlá, tým sa naučím byť lídrom a vlastne viesť tú zmenu alebo nejakú aktivitu v ktorej vidím zmysel.

(Peter, je študent, má 20rokov a je z Veľkého Krtíša)



  1. Viktor Oravec says:

    Nice idea. Let me elaborate it little bit.
    You cannot take actions just like that on the green field; your action would be chaotic.
    You are acting according to your heart, head and instinct. These are the three basic principles (or your leaders if you want).
    The rules are created and (very important) changed by the evolution of the action.
    You are creating the rules and you have the ability to change them.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Yes, the main message is to take action and create rules you believe in. Not to follow the rules, created by someone else, where is absence of heart;-)

  2. Viktor Oravec says:

    Yes, indeed.

    P.S. Your action has to be independent.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      and after a while you will see how many people will like your independent action and will join you;-)
      P.S.: thanks for stopping at my blog by Viktor;-)

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