Why Did Silence Overtook Inspiring Shipments?

Hi my dear SCG,

I know it is already Thursday and this is only 1st shipment of this week. You might be wondering, why? Do you? Please allow me to explain:“Why did I interrupt my regular shipping mode? Why do I think that accepting need for silence can teach you a lot about yourself?”

Why Did I Break Regular Shipping Mode?

I believe most of you SCG, must know by now, that I am a “gut-intuition person” and I ALWAYS do things based on my heart’s calling.

Last weeks were very happening for me (trip to London, interesting meetings in Bratislava, preparation of 2nd NGLS conference). All those events have left me with plenty thoughts and decisions – to be made.

There have been miracles and there have been set backs as well. In such puzzled frame of mind, I was not able to ship with heart and I did not want to put you on emotional roller-coaster with me;-) >>> So, that is why this week’s shipping was very modest. So, please don’t you worry, I am getting back to my source of bliss and I trust I will be back to my spirits shortly.

Why Did I Listen to My Inner Voice Requiring To Be Silent?

My silence could be explained by Zen saying: “When hungry eat, when tired sleep.”

I simply needed to reflect in silence on my own actions and connect few more dots, which I have left behind me on my journey. I felt this was very important period of my life, even tough facing own image is never easy thing to,  but I am confident that “silence break” made me stronger and more sensitive (again?!) 😉


What about you; do you happen to have “silence attacks”, too? How do you deal with “silence mode” of your own? Do you let it go? Do you suppress it? Do you ignore it? Do you acknowledge it?

Leave your “silent” comments for us.



P.S.: Thank you for your patience and trust! 😉


  1. Waqas Ali says:

    Hello Ivana,

    You’re very right, we often get faced by Silence Attack, especially when we’re out of our comfortzone to do something great. Same case is with you, I think so. It’s good for you to stay silent and get back with full swing. I believe you’re the person who can compete most of the challenges where a common man gives up.

    I personally often encounter Silence Attack, and since I’m quite now to this wonderful, supercool but challenging life so I learn more each time and give some free time to myself.

    What ever it has, life is so beautiful with fellow humans like you. 😉

    PS. It’s not easy to comment on a post like this, and please know if any of us (SCG) is not commenting doesn’t not mean we are not here. We’re here and witness of a great achievement by i. Hugs!

    • Dear Waqas,

      thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Honestly I was a bit concerned about how this shipment will be perceived by you – SCG-ers.
      Knowing that you guys are present with me is such a fuel for my creative days, that it is difficult to describe by words….

      Waqas, please do me a favor, keep your spirits and passion for life you have forever!

  2. Dear Miss Ivana,

    1) Silence attacks:
    I do have silence attacks e-g whenever i get grade less than ‘B+’ , my dad Brush Off me that’s the first mode of my silence… 😉

    2)Deal with “silence mode”:
    I close my eyes, talk to myself and try to find out the solution…

    3)Do you let it go?:
    No… Bcz this gives me confidence and courage…. And teach me how to handle things in tense situations…….

    4)Do you suppress it?:
    Yes , When i found the answer… As mentioned in Point # 2

    5)Do you ignore it?:
    Never Ever…. Bcz this is against my life’s constitution as mentioned in point # 3

    Yours Sincerely,
    Israr Ahmad

  3. After some problem in life engine…………life starts working again…!!!
    still some great repairment is required….and life is asking for it…!!!

    Especially to suppress “Silence attacks” …

    lol .. 😉

    • Thank you Israr,
      for your generous comments! I am happy to see you coming back to us – SCG regularly now! Yay;-)
      Yes, life goes on and everything shall pass!
      You rock young man!

  4. Hello Ivana,
    You know what is best in you?
    You always spread positive whatever the situation may be. You always engage us even though you just shared a part.
    Well Ivana Mostly it happens with me too.
    I am not very good in sharing anything emotional as I think I am the best person to sort out whatever happens against.
    I simply give myself time to work on that by keeping myself on silence mood.
    Ivana I think such period is very important that will give you lots of experiences and will make you strong.It keeps you more familiar with yourself by finding abilities.
    We are always with you and love you a lot.
    Take care.

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