Question Of the Week #39

Hiya SCG,

#QOW was inspired by a book, which is giving me company this weekend; Start With Why by Simon Sinek, in which he says; “loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people” and Simon exemplifies true customer’s loyalty on the brands like Apple or Southwest airlines. So, I would like to know:

Which brands/products/services are you loyal to?


which companies/brands would you stick around during  their”thick and thin” times? What is your why, why you would do so without any hesitation? For which services/products/organizations/communities etc. would you consider yourself to be a “die hard fan”? What inspires you to be loyal to them?

Yay!I am excited to know about your “heart’s affairs” & about why you say “YES” to them.

See you in comments.



  1. Hi Ivi:)

    this is a really difficult-to-answer question. Why? Mainly because we live in a country where customer service is on a really poor level. And for me – a good/great brand is that, which cares about customers. Which cares about people. At the moment, the only one die hard fan brand I can think of is O2, but I guess this is just because they are new on the market and are they are trying hard to get new customers.

    On the other hand , if I had to say, who I admire, because they are really trying to become perfect service/product provider (in Slovakia), that would be YOU, Martinus & several restaurants & cafés in Bratislava… Oh and Hippsy!

    To sum up – everything is about HOW you communicate with people. If you care, customers will love you. If you don´t care – my advice is: Don’t even start a business.

    • Hi Zuzi,

      reading your comment blew me away today morning.
      Really really insightful and wise words, I especially liked last sentence:
      If you don´t care – my advice is: Don’t even start a business. Awesome!

      And sorry for my ignorance, but what is Hippsy? 😉
      for counting me in, among people who care!;)


      • check out & you`ll find out:)

        Hippsy is a piece of clothing that protects your waist from cold,
        I really love it. and I was so shocked with the customer support – they sent me my Hippsy even before they got money from me!
        that`s so non-slovak-like:)) what`s best, I felt like I was someone important for them. pretty awesome:))

      • excellent!;-)
        thanks for introducing me to Hippsy Zuzi;-)

  2. Very good questions..I think each entrepreneur should ask these questions even before they start their business and search for answers.
    My answer comes from a survey that was made..they asked people “Why are people loyal to certain company?” The results were:

    1. trust – that people feel confident about company
    2. quality
    3. service
    4. selection, choice
    5. price

    So this is it 🙂 I would be loyal to company/brand , like the people in the survey, if I know that I can trust them, I can be confident in them, that they would not leave one day suddenly. The consistency makes loyal customers.

    I also agree with what Zuzana said, in Slovakia, business owners have a lot to learn to create such a good companies/brands.

    And I have to say too, that you Ivana are a great example to what we are talking about here 🙂

    • Hi Tomi!
      Welcome to Inspiring Shipments! I am glad you have left your 1st comment with us.
      I will second you and Zuzana as well, that level of services in Slovakia is really very poor and we have long way to go. But what gives me hope are you guys from Slovakia : Zuzana, you, Marek – who truly know how you want to be treated as customers – only thing we have to do is to show others how to do it properly. How? Simply to lead by example!

      I could not agree more with you on importance of trust in any business or even human relationship. Gaining trust is not easy, but eventually it will pay off in long-run.

      Thank you for liking me as example, yeah I am doing my best to be the change I wish to see in Slovakia.

  3. Dear Miss Ivana,
    i have an objection with this post’s pic…. Sorry but its my point of view….. 😦 Although Dog is very loyal to his owner… but we human beings should not compare with animals especially dogs…. 😦 That’s my believe being a Muslim…….
    You can make image some thing same as the quote says,

    “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

    Now as far as loyalty with companies are concerned, As Tom Robbins said,
    “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”
    That’s the same case here with me… It depends on my approach…..
    I’m not loyal with any particular company… But still feels ashamed bcz of pic…..
    Thanks… (I’m really sorry if u disliked this comment but its my point of view and i apologize for that ivana.. 😦 )

    • Salam Israr,

      thank you for letting me know your concern. I will remember it next time.
      Surely I did not mean to offend anyone.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, that you still did not find a brand you would feel connected with. When you will tell us about it.


  4. Hi 🙂
    Difficult to find a brand/product I would be loyal to, as I am more deciding on the price. Still few things I do buy because of the brand: shower gels from AXE (for image and quality), DVDs/CDs from Verbatim (for security), sweets (more brands specially slovak ones)…
    And of course, I am an extreme Google loyal user and I would stay with them during tough time (even during their initial release of the Chrome I was on it). Its because of the service quality, image of the company. I am loyal through using their products, giving voluntary feedback, promoting them to my friends and other. GOOGLE ROCKS 🙂

    I believe, that the quality of product/service combined with very good communication brings the best loyal customers possible. You wouldn’t be loyal to something that breaks down every moment or if the company would deal w/ you as with nobody, when you actually are the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON for them = a customer 🙂

    • Hiya Marek!
      Always great to see you in comments! 😉
      Aaah, now I know why are all the girls running after you: it is magic of AXE;-)
      Yeah, Google is giving us a lot, indeed!
      I love your concept of customer! Yes: customer=the most important person.

  5. Hi Ivana,

    when I was younger.I was obsessed by many labels, artists, brands, etc. Sometimes I was disappointed, e.g. Apple recently shifts from good products towards shiny cash cow boxes.

    Now, I am loyal only to one product or service with brand “GOD” and that is LOVE.

    I will die hard just to sense it for few moments in my life. I will pay the highest rates for it.

    Nothing else matters.


    • Dear Viktor,
      I was literally blown away by depth of your words.

      Wow! That’s the way to go through life: to cherish and live loyally to Love.

      Loads of moments which will make you feel and experience this the most important essence of life.

      Wow, you rock my friend.

  6. “Why” is always a great place to start. I didn’t get to meet Simon, but one of his colleagues took me through a Golden Circle exercise, and it was a powerful process.

    • Hey J.D.!
      So, great to “see you”!
      Yeah, I am just crunching the book and it is truly powerful, when you are able to articulate your why and find a company/brand/service which why align with yours. Then deal is done and everyone is living happily every after;-)

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