Shout Out for Do-ers from Slovakia. Join us in 8 days!

Hiya SCG-ers,

I believe you will forgive me “PR-ry” like shipment for today. The reason for this unusual content is that, 2nd NGLS Conference is literally knocking on the door and I believe that there are still some ears out there who might miss, what a great event we are cooking for Slovakia; see full Agenda.

Why should you NOT miss NGLS?

  • you will meet participants, who are All Stars Do-ers from Slovakia
  • you will find out there are many people who care about Slovakia
  • you can look forward to fantastic line up of speakers
  • you will get to experience “one of its kind” interactive workshop
  • you will be part of NGLS a unique movement (2.0) in Slovakia
  • you will hear true success stories from “ordinary” Slovaks
  • you will get inspired to act and live your dream, too!


share this shipment with every bold & passionate human being in your reach. Slovakia needs all of YOU to be there!

See you in Modra, in 8 days!




  1. I checked out the agenda. It looks like a whole lot of love going on.

    I bet it’s a great arena for meeting like minds and starting fires … or at least a lot of kindling for some great ideas.

    • 😉 Hey J.D.,
      yes, indeed there is loads of love awaiting for #NGLS-ers.
      Prepared with love, in order to inspired other to be in love;-)
      Let it just happen, we all have worked so hard to put it together.
      There will be updates on and later on #IS, too.

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