[Manifesto] on Education by @LeadersSlovakia #NGLS

Hiya SCG-ers,

many of you were and are constantly pinging me, because you do miss shipments on #IS. I do admit that I have disappeared from online shipping for solid 4 months, but believe me it was all worth it. Before I will start to share all those life-changing moments and lessons I have learned ‘offline’; let me share with you (so far) the biggest shipment of my professional career: Manifesto on Education created by folks attending third NGLS Conference, which took place in April this year. It is also bit symbolic time as school are opening its gates for new term this week again, so perhaps this manifesto can inspire those who have guts to change something in their worlds. Enjoy! [Read more…]

50 #Quotes from a new #book by @SPressfield: Turning Pro

Hello my dear SCG,

oh my, I have missed you. I believe that during my exile from blogging you shipped loads of your art. I must confess that last 8 weeks have been the most trans formative and in the same time the most eye-opening, frightening, miraculous and soul shaking weeks of my life. I needed time to digest all experiences, regain energy, heal the scars, part with those who I trusted and loved, re-united with those I meant to be with and thank everyone who made me who I am now. I was simply Turning Pro from being an Amateur. What exactly do I mean by Turning Pro? Let the author of “turning pro” phrase explain it to you. Go, Steven Pressfield go -> Guys, enjoy hand picked 50 quotes from just self – published (I love the “self” bit of publishing a lot!) & must read book by @SPressfieldTurning Pro. [Read more…]

7 Things You Need to Know About Building A Movement

Hey SCG,

Let me tell you a secret: “I have been getting ready to write this post for almost 3 years…” I somehow feel in my gut that times which are approaching will give human race loads of space to reconsider how we worked, who we worked with and what impact we have created in this world. Maybe, just maybe we will start to appreciate art of digital nomads (again) and we will be making our world a better place also by being part of movements, which we care about instead of being part of purposeless mass. Even tough it will be  hard  times for nomads (thanks for insights Stiivi)  and for everyone else, it will certainly be interesting era of human history.

Guys, I am glad that today I can share with you what I have learned on my own skin within last 31 months… No fluff or definitions just eight paragraphs summing up what it takes to build a movement(s). [Read more…]

11 Lessons from NGLS #2 Conference

Hiya SCG,

How are you doing? I missed you a lot I must admit! It is just 3 days since 2nd NGLS Conference, which was another dream come true experience. I am still recovering from very positive emotional exhaustion. It all felt like a movie. I have tears of gratitude in my eyes even now, when typing this shipment…Oh, my… Thank you all who made NGLS reality. Thank ya’ll! Folks, I would like to share with you 11 lessons, which NGLS #2 taught me:

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[Video] Greeting & Upcoming News On #IS

Hiya SCG-ers,

just short & sweet for today. Hear me out about what is going on.

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Shout Out for Do-ers from Slovakia. Join us in 8 days!

Hiya SCG-ers,

I believe you will forgive me “PR-ry” like shipment for today. The reason for this unusual content is that, 2nd NGLS Conference is literally knocking on the door and I believe that there are still some ears out there who might miss, what a great event we are cooking for Slovakia; see full Agenda.

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NGLS Is Having Its New Home 2.0 – www.ngls.sk

Hiya SCG,

I wanted to share with you a joy of making another shipment reality. Thanks to great support of the coolest company I know in Slovakia – Websupport. #NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) is having its new home – www.ngls.sk. Rest is said there.

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World’s Premiere of “What If…?” Talk


yesterday (1 Dec) I have delivered the world’s premiere of a presentation with title: What If? (Everything You Were Taught To Do Was Totally Wrong). I spoke to students who are engaged in non-profit organization PRC (Consulting & Development Centre for start ups) and are attending my Alma Mater – Faculty of Management. Let me share with you slide-deck, which have supported my 90 minutes long talk.

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[Video] In Sučany: After “shipping” another gift for Slovakia

Hi Super Cool Gang

greetings from Sučany tiny village in the north of central Slovakia, cca80 minutes drive from my hometown Poprad.

What did I do there?

Sučany is known for its bilingual Slovak – English Secondary School which is famous all over the country. I was invited to speak to students by founder of Sučany Alumni, my dear friend and “hard core” NGLS supporter Tom Jacko.

You can check out stream of pictures, HERE.

What are your thoughts on slide-deck?



P. S. :  I was missing you SCG!

[Video] Bodyguard for Your Dreams

I have been thinking about recording this video for quite some time. Yesterday, I came across inspirational scene from one of my all times favorite movies Pursuit of Happiness. And today I just felt “right” to shoot following video post.

We all have heard tons about how one should live his/her dream, follow the heart and so on…and yet it is still so though.

Let me share with you my dream come true story with you.

And who knows, it might give you a little push to get closer to your dream. Just spare 5 minutes of your time and watch this.

I am already excited to hear your stories.

Just drop it into comments or shoot me an email if you feel I could help YOU.



P.S.: I have little attention check question for you, today:

Can you tell which is next book on my reading list? 😉

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