50 #Quotes from a new #book by @SPressfield: Turning Pro

Hello my dear SCG,

oh my, I have missed you. I believe that during my exile from blogging you shipped loads of your art. I must confess that last 8 weeks have been the most trans formative and in the same time the most eye-opening, frightening, miraculous and soul shaking weeks of my life. I needed time to digest all experiences, regain energy, heal the scars, part with those who I trusted and loved, re-united with those I meant to be with and thank everyone who made me who I am now. I was simply Turning Pro from being an Amateur. What exactly do I mean by Turning Pro? Let the author of “turning pro” phrase explain it to you. Go, Steven Pressfield go -> Guys, enjoy hand picked 50 quotes from just self – published (I love the “self” bit of publishing a lot!) & must read book by @SPressfieldTurning Pro.

View it directly on Slideshare -> here.

#IS is. That is all.

Those who were with me through thick and thin – thank you.

Those who left me, doubted me and disbelieved in me – thank you as well.

I would not be able to make it to here and now without all of you.

I Turned Pro. Life will never be the same.

Thank you for sticking around, SCG-ers.

More inspiring stuff to come.

Till then, be well.

– is

P.S.: Our dear SCG-ers Waqas and Sidra just turned pro as well -> they launched their start up Hometown shoes: the first handmade shoes from Pakistan e-shop. I am so proud of them. Witnessing them to ship was a real honor. Visit them and get genuine handmade shoes for your loved ones.


  1. Very nice.Congratulation.

  2. audioaccess says:

    Great post with great quotes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This book had an impact on me, too. My post about it… http://www.buildingpersonalstrength.com/2012/07/are-you-hard-at-work-each-day-doing.html Exciting that you’re “turning pro”…what will you be doing?

    • Hiya Denny,
      it is lovely to hear from you!
      I will let you know via this blog what I am up to (soon)
      Keep on shipping your art and thanks for sticking around my friend!
      – is

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