NGLS Is Having Its New Home 2.0 –

Hiya SCG,

I wanted to share with you a joy of making another shipment reality. Thanks to great support of the coolest company I know in Slovakia – Websupport. #NGLS (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia) is having its new home – Rest is said there.

You can give a loud applause to designer Matúš Slovák and his boss Michal Truban, for making this awesome website true. On 30th of October, they have received this childish drawing (see pic bellow) from me. Oh, my I am so grateful and excited to see in action Slovak talent, which I so believe in! True NGLS-ers, indeed!;-)

Folks, don’t you forget to register for 2nd NGLS conference, we have 39 days to go!;-)


what say you on our new NGLS household? Like? Love? Adore? 😉



  1. Hi I ,
    You have been exceptional as usual, and have managed to deliver against all odds. Hats off to u 😉

    • Hi A,
      thank you so much for your kind words! (Yeap, sometimes I do wonder from where is all that shipping and energy coming …)
      Thank you and I would love to see you on NGLS conference, Slovakia ain’t that far from London!;-)

  2. You are rocking, my dear friend.

  3. Love the website. Great job from all involved. I really wish I could join you for the event unfortunately the dates don’t work out for me but I will be with you in thoughts.

    • Thank you E!
      I was just about to send you an email with invite to join us, but as I have suspected; you will be on tight schedule in 2011.
      However, your presence in spirit matters to us, too.

  4. Congrats. It’s great to see lift off.

  5. Another Happy Moment for NGLS 😉 Website is very beautiful. All the best to everyone involved in NGLS.

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