Why Turning Off Your Desires Can Be Good For You?

Hey SCG,

2011 has started with really precious events for me and I hope,that lessons learned from it; will have an impact on you too. You might remember recent shipment about goals and its execution, in which I was encouraging you to do/ship/create/deliver rather than waste time on planning your actions. Recently I have been blessed with another epiphany moment of my life, after which I have started to free myself of desires (and by now, I can tell this is gonna be a lifelong path of  aware observing of myself  & of own thoughts every single day). Sounds horrifying? Possibly, yes. Do you want to know what has desireless mindset done for me? Carry on, reading then. [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #36

Ciao SCG,

imagine you have a story to tell: “How I have met my hero.” So, you would start your story-telling with:  I have got an invitation to meet for a coffee/lunch/dinner __________

Please, fill in the blank space above, with a name of your living hero you would love to meet in person. Share your WHY her of him,too?

Yay, looking forward to meet your heroes.


[Video] Question Of the Week #30

Hiya SCG,

1st of August is  a very special day for me. Why? Today, it is exactly one year since I have quit my job in Capgemini with this farewell speech. (Gosh, I did not know it was viewed over 14oo times on Youtube).

What were the most amazing things you have done in last 12 months and you are proud of it?

And what did I do in last one year? Here is my answer, which includes 8 kg lighter version of me 😉 LOL [Read more…]

[Video] Bodyguard for Your Dreams

I have been thinking about recording this video for quite some time. Yesterday, I came across inspirational scene from one of my all times favorite movies Pursuit of Happiness. And today I just felt “right” to shoot following video post.

We all have heard tons about how one should live his/her dream, follow the heart and so on…and yet it is still so though.

Let me share with you my dream come true story with you.

And who knows, it might give you a little push to get closer to your dream. Just spare 5 minutes of your time and watch this.

I am already excited to hear your stories.

Just drop it into comments or shoot me an email if you feel I could help YOU.



P.S.: I have little attention check question for you, today:

Can you tell which is next book on my reading list? 😉

It is never too late, to early or too often to…

Thank your parents for all they have done for you!

I am typing this post from Dubai and my mum is sitting next to me filling postcards;-)

I still don’t believe it, I am here with her. I have been dreaming about bringing her here, for years.

So how come did I bring her, here only now? Especially when I am jobless since July 2009?

Some of you might think, yeah: ” She has loads of money…, how else?”


I don’t and I have again learned that it ain’t about money to make your dreams come true.

It cost me 77 EUR to get 2 return tickets with air miles, which I have collected over 5 years.

I have asked company I have worked for, if they could help us with visa. Within a week transit visa were in my inbox.

And where do we stay? It took just one SMS to a friend: ” I want to come to Dubai with my mum, do you think we can stay in your place for a week?”  Instant reply: “You are welcome.”

So, it was not about money at all.

It took me years to build relationships like that with people here. Bonds and trust allowed me to give such a great gift to my mum, so she can finally see place where her daughter lived for 3 years.

Greetings from sunny Dubai.


[Video] This Is It!

What more to add… Silence is loud.

One week since the first NGLS event it is still hard for me to find words.

The Beginning…

Love lives forever.




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