It is never too late, to early or too often to…

Thank your parents for all they have done for you!

I am typing this post from Dubai and my mum is sitting next to me filling postcards;-)

I still don’t believe it, I am here with her. I have been dreaming about bringing her here, for years.

So how come did I bring her, here only now? Especially when I am jobless since July 2009?

Some of you might think, yeah: ” She has loads of money…, how else?”


I don’t and I have again learned that it ain’t about money to make your dreams come true.

It cost me 77 EUR to get 2 return tickets with air miles, which I have collected over 5 years.

I have asked company I have worked for, if they could help us with visa. Within a week transit visa were in my inbox.

And where do we stay? It took just one SMS to a friend: ” I want to come to Dubai with my mum, do you think we can stay in your place for a week?”  Instant reply: “You are welcome.”

So, it was not about money at all.

It took me years to build relationships like that with people here. Bonds and trust allowed me to give such a great gift to my mum, so she can finally see place where her daughter lived for 3 years.

Greetings from sunny Dubai.



  1. Hear hear hear!
    Enjoy it, treasure it! Awesome to see you living your dreams.
    Take care.

    ps Money sucks 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      thank you buddy;-)
      just got back, it was super cool-y precious time
      loads of lessons learned and lifelong memories experienced;-)
      ps, i agree with your ps;-)

  2. Alasdair says:

    Hi, Ivana – I”m just very happy for you – with your beautiful mum, showing her a place that is such a big part of your past life!

    There’s another lesson for me in your blog entry – sometimes, we don’t realize how good our relationships are until we call on them…

    (Please translate for your Mum!)



  3. That’s great Ivka:) I wish you both a lot of beautiful moments. The relationship between mother and daughter is one of the most important in life and is really cool, that you can live your dream right now, with your mum…I hope, that you will take a lot of great photos 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      hi Tinka
      photos taken. will share some shots, soon.
      it was indeed enriching life changing 7 days


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