Question of the Week #3 (2010)


This week’s question has been posted as Facebook status of my friend Bud Hennekes this week. Bud is very conscious inspiring young man and popular  blogger. I trust Bud will not mind, if I will ask you guys, the same question.

Question of the Week #3 is:

Do you love yourself?

Greetings from minus 11 degrees, home.

I am already excited to see your comments;-)



  1. Im good with how I look like 😀
    But if you mean this question like if Im good with WHO am I? So, thats hardest question 🙂 There are some parts of me that I like, but there are also parts of me that I hate. Main is to find that part you hate, you dont want have inside of you and starts doing something with it. Dont just say “hello this is what Im, I cant be another” but it is lie! We can change something on us that we dont like. It can be really hard and it can takes few years, but if you really wanna change, you can 🙂

    There are part of me I dont like, but I have more parts that I like, so I like me in the way WHO I am. :):):)

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Great comment Lucia!
      Indeed, we can change the way we behave, the way we react and respond to things, which we are not so fond of on ourselves.
      Doing that may take time as you have mentioned, but realizing that “I could improve on this or that” is the first step to evolution.
      Constant self-reflection and awareness of own actions and emotions is essential.
      I admit it is hard work,especially when people around you are just going out for party or watching movie and you are just having time with yourself and reflecting.
      But trust me that rewards for the time you give to yourself will be beyond expectations and will bring you lifelong joy!
      Have fun!

  2. Alasdair says:

    I’ve learned a lot about love since I became a parent – there’s nothing like the **really** **strong** **urge** that comes over you when you see your own baby for the first time…

    So, do I love myself in the same overwhelming, “I’d sacrifice everything”, unconditional way that I love my children? (It’s different, now they’re teenagers, of course!)


    I really try to love myself, my essence, my core being, in the same way – uncritically, unconditionally, unreservedly – but (as Lucia says), there are always other bits that get in the way.

    I **really** hate the way I act, sometimes – when impatience gets in the way of empathy, when frustration causes me to get cross, when anger stops me listening to what I **really** **need** to **listen** to **right** **now** – and it’s really hard to separate hating behaviour from loving the being.

    But, as with my teenagers (they tend to do things I don’t like too!), it’s worthwhile when I succeed, and it feels so good that maybe I’ll get the hang of it.

    And, when I can say “I love myself, but I don’t like some of the things I do” and mean it, I’ll be a happier person. And that will make other people happier, too!


    • if I like myself? This is an interesting question … difficult to find answer… usually I answered yes, but are times when it is difficult for me to say that this is not so bad … Yes, I am satisfied with what kind of life I live. In my life, for me, are very important my decisions, because they change and determines everything around us … for me it’s particularly important whether we can change on the pages of my own personality, with which I am unhappy … Fortunately, we have every single day, so that we can work on it:)

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Alasdair, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

      For one to recognize light, one has to experience darkness. To feel love, one has to know how horrible hate feels. Only then, you can distinguish between these two…And appreciate love.

      Love goes hand in hand with hate, darkness is so close to the light, day just next to the night, life so near to death…all is perfectly ordered in balance in our lives.

      Love lives forever. Love unconditionally and spread the light, first for yourself and you will see how others love to be around you, the person who unconditionally radiates loves what IS;-)

      Have a super cool week!

  3. Ivana Sendecka says:

    Yes, young lady we are having every single day to work on ourselves!
    New day, new chance…Let’s seize it!
    Loads of love at you.

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