Question of the Week #4 (2010)

Hello Folks!

I apologize for my tardy blogging for past one week, as I have been in the “sand-land” => Dubai.  Of course, there is no way, I would allow myself to neglect you guys!

The Question of the Week #4 was “born” thanks to my friend, amazingly creative person, “our age” philosopher and author  Tyler Shores from Oxford University, who has shared with me on Facebook following unique opportunity:

Question of the Week #4 is:

What question would you ask  Clay Shirky?

Till 8th February , YOU can also raise your voice and compose thought provoking question for the world’s leading expert on social media. Drop your questions directly into comments of  Tyler’s blog post or simply leave it in the comments here, it will certainly reach Tyler and highly possibly also Clay himself!


P.S.: I was missing you my dear readers.


  1. What most people really want is a quick fix, even when it’s not realistic to expect one. My question is: “How do you market something that actually works, actually creates change, but is real and requires hard work over a long period of time?

  2. Ivana Sendecka says:

    I would ask Clay:

    “How to convince technology resistant executives that social media collaboration tools can truly enhance effectiveness and make work place much more fun to be around?”

    “Generation Y-ers are getting into jobs and they frustrated, not utilized, work seems too slow for them, money ain’t motivating them, yet they are eager to learn, to take up new challenges, to work on higher purpose tasks harder that anyone before, but they feel like they are in dead end street as their demands are not heard at all.What they should do?”

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