About Time Travel & Our Interconnected World

Greetings from Dubai SCG.

last night (8th June) I have experienced yet another life changing moments. But before I will start, let me give me double thank you credit for making this shipment happen to my friend Amir Anzur – dean of Webpreneur University -> Firstly for posting update on his Facebook page on which I have instantly acted upon. Secondly for using a metaphor about time traveling in his talk. What time travel and interconnectedness am I talking about? Read on.

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About One 1095 Days Long Transformative Journey

Hiya SCG,

I trust you will spare few minutes to stop yourself  in Christmas presents hunt to read this shipment. It will not be wrap-up of 2010 on #IS, nor list of New Year’s resolutions, nor a Christmas e-card. It will be a story, true story about 3 years long journey of surrendering to the pull of the heart’s calling. Step in!

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3+1 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Webpreneur University Gig

Hello from Dubai SCG.

Yes, I am still in this hot city, even though I “planned” to stay only for 5 days, I am finishing my second week, here. (You, see that is why I do not plan! I just flexibly adapt to situations/miracles/opportunities, which presents themselves in front of me) One of the miracle which made me prolong my stay in Dubai, was Webpreneur University Camp, which I have attended 2 weeks ago.  (Once again great thanks goes to Amir Anzur for making it happen). Tomorrow will be kick off for the last Webpreneur Uni Camp (6-7 Aug) before taking couple of months off. Therefore I would like to name 3 reasons, why I will not miss it and why you should not miss it too!;-) [Read more…]

Do you carry the right currency with you?


Do you remember video post with the FUTURE concept? Can you recall, what was the 3rd element of it? OK, let me help you out; it was being: trustworthy.

Word with 4 letters (in my opinion), which might will be the main asset you can possess  and leverage during your business and personal journey is


Why do I think so? Let me share, yet another story with you.

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Why Making Dots Is Important and How Connecting Them Might Save You In the Future.

Hello SCG,

you might recall words from speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford, when he talked about, him taking a course in caligraphy  (start at minute 5:01):

Of course, it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards 10 years later. Again, you cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in your future. (end at 5:17 minute)

I have been reflecting on my life’s journey very intensively these days and I am deeply grateful to all ” five lives I have lived.” What do I mean by it?

#1 Life of Athlete (1991-2002), #2 Life of “penny-less girl” who landed in Dubai (2004), #3 Life of 5 star Dubai resident (2006-2007), #4 Life of Business Consultant in Slovakia (2008-2009), #5 Life of Passionate Blogger and Believer awakening of Slovakia (2009-till date)

During each of these lives, I have made dots. Dots, which might have no major significance at the moment when they happened, but they have gained its importance later in my life. Let me share with you, one such story of connecting dots from my early days in Dubai.

How “basketball dot” saved me from being homeless

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It is never too late, to early or too often to…

Thank your parents for all they have done for you!

I am typing this post from Dubai and my mum is sitting next to me filling postcards;-)

I still don’t believe it, I am here with her. I have been dreaming about bringing her here, for years.

So how come did I bring her, here only now? Especially when I am jobless since July 2009?

Some of you might think, yeah: ” She has loads of money…, how else?”


I don’t and I have again learned that it ain’t about money to make your dreams come true.

It cost me 77 EUR to get 2 return tickets with air miles, which I have collected over 5 years.

I have asked company I have worked for, if they could help us with visa. Within a week transit visa were in my inbox.

And where do we stay? It took just one SMS to a friend: ” I want to come to Dubai with my mum, do you think we can stay in your place for a week?”  Instant reply: “You are welcome.”

So, it was not about money at all.

It took me years to build relationships like that with people here. Bonds and trust allowed me to give such a great gift to my mum, so she can finally see place where her daughter lived for 3 years.

Greetings from sunny Dubai.


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