3+1 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Webpreneur University Gig

Hello from Dubai SCG.

Yes, I am still in this hot city, even though I “planned” to stay only for 5 days, I am finishing my second week, here. (You, see that is why I do not plan! I just flexibly adapt to situations/miracles/opportunities, which presents themselves in front of me) One of the miracle which made me prolong my stay in Dubai, was Webpreneur University Camp, which I have attended 2 weeks ago.  (Once again great thanks goes to Amir Anzur for making it happen). Tomorrow will be kick off for the last Webpreneur Uni Camp (6-7 Aug) before taking couple of months off. Therefore I would like to name 3 reasons, why I will not miss it and why you should not miss it too!;-) [Read more…]

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